British Bubbles: 10 English Sparkling Wine Brands To Rival Champagne

English Wine Week

Champagne has always been the clear favourite when it comes to fizz, but what many wine lovers may not know is that English Sparkling Wine production has flourished in recent years, and British bubbles now taste just as good as their Champagne counterparts – many even better.

Growing grapes in a damp country has never been easy, but rising temperatures and changing weather conditions in England have extended the growing season, allowing grapes to ripen more fully for improved quality and increased production of English sparkling wine. As a result, English vineyards are now able to compete with the more traditional wine regions – with the South East of England’s cool climate, chalky soils and south-facing slopes rivalling those in Champagne.  In fact, the conditions are so good that most major Champagne houses have now bought vineyards in the UK.


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So what does that mean for taste? Well, the grapes used are a combination of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier, the same fruit used to create champagne, and English sparkling wines are made using the same process, the “methode traditionelle”, which essentially means the bubbles are created inside the bottle itself during a secondary fermentation process (as opposed to prosecco, which is carbonated in steel tanks prior to bottling). The result is clean and crisp, with rich brioche notes that make a food-friendly wine that pairs particularly well with seafood.

England’s fizz revolution is a sparkling success.

This year, English sparkling wines scooped up a whopping 109 medals at the Decanter World Wine Awards, further cementing England’s fizz revolution as a sparkling success. This popularity and recognition has meant that wine tourism is on the rise too, with many vineyards hosting their own restaurants, rooms, spas and tours.

But with so much choice on the shelves, the question is knowing which bottles are worth buying. We’ve narrowed down the field (or vineyard) and put together a list of our favourites, tried and tested, so you can find your new favourite fizz. From established companies making the finest fizz to exciting new names producing sensational sparkling rosés, here are ten top-rated English sparkling wine brands to know.

10 English Sparkling Wines For Summer Sipping & Beyond

Coates & Seely

Coates & Seely’s award-winning English sparkling wines have garnered worldwide recognition, with their bottles gracing the tables of royal palaces, Michelin-starred restaurants and luxury hotels. They take great pride in their artisanal approach to winemaking, and their limited production capacity allows them to focus on perfecting their craft, creating wines that best reflect their land and family values.

Crafted with meticulous care, their wines possess a perfect balance of crisp acidity and sweet fruit for an exceptional sparkling wine.

Bottle To Buy: Coates & Seely Rosé NV

Visit The Vineyard: Bespoke private vineyard tours are available for groups of 10-12 people.


Located in Hampshire, Hambledon Vineyard is renowned for its excellent English sparkling wines, and has a rich winemaking heritage dating back to 1952. Their wines are crafted using traditional Champagne methods and benefit from the region’s chalky soil, similar to that found in Champagne, France.

The vineyard’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a leading producer in the English wine industry, with their wines consistently receiving acclaim for their outstanding character and craftsmanship.

Bottle To Buy: Hambledon Premiere Cuvée

Visit The Vineyard: Visit for a guided tour of the historic vineyards, sample award-winning sparkling wines, and indulge in sparkling afternoon tea.


Langham Wine Estate takes pride in crafting terroir-driven sparkling wines using exclusively estate-grown grapes from their Dorset vineyard. The vineyard’s south-facing aspect, chalk soils, and unique microclimate create an ideal terroir for ripening Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier, while pre-existing hedgerows and woodland provide natural protection and a habitat for helpful organisms.

With meticulous vineyard management and handpicking of grapes, the highest quality fruit reaches their characterful winery located just metres away. By prioritising minimal intervention they produce first-rate sparkling wines while striving to minimise their environmental impact.

Bottle To Buy: Langham Blanc De Blancs NV

Visit The Vineyard: Visit the tasting room, shop and cafe, and join a guided tour followed by a tutored tasting of 3 award winning wines.


In April, Rathfinny, a family-owned winery in Sussex, achieved B Corp certification, making it the world’s first grower-producer of sparkling wine to do so. Founded by Mark and Sarah Driver in 2010, Rathfinny is committed to creating an environmentally friendly and sustainable business. They implemented sustainable technologies from the start, such as utilising photovoltaic cells to power the winery and recycling wastewater. The Estate is water self-sufficient and nearly energy self-sufficient, while all buildings are constructed using locally sourced materials.

Their Vintage Sussex Sparkling wines are a reflection of their terroir, and they carefully select and hand-harvest grapes, pressing them as whole bunches and allowing them to mature patiently. With a low dosage, the wines highlight the natural essence of the grapes for a truly top notch taste.

Bottle To Buy: Rathfinny 2018 Classic Cuvée

Visit The Vineyard: Visit for wine tasting experiences, tours of the vineyard, fine dining at the restaurant, and stay on the estate overnight at their cosy bed and breakfast.


For over 25 years, Ridgeview Wine Estate has been producing world-class English sparkling wine in Sussex, with a strong focus on quality and sustainability. A family affair, their journey began with a pioneering vision to put English winemaking on the global stage, and today, led by the second generation of the family, continue to lead in the English wine revolution.

From grape to glass, they prioritise exceptional quality, using perfectly balanced grapes and combining traditional methods with contemporary expertise. Their wines are crafted with delicacy, showcasing purity, elegance, and complexity. With a commitment to sustainability and being a force for good, they’re a certified B Corp and strive to make a positive impact on the planet, their customers, and community.

Bottle To Buy: Ridgeview Bloomsbury NV

Visit The Vineyard: Visit for tours, vineyard-side al fresco dining at the restaurant, and complimentary tastings in the winery shop.

Hattingley Valley

Hattingley Valley has quickly transformed from a farm diversification project into one of the leading wineries in the UK. Based in Hampshire, their state-of-the-art, eco-friendly winery was purpose built and is one of the most advanced wineries in the world, and they source their grapes not only from their own vineyards, but also from other regions across England to mitigate frost risks.

Working with a number of established farmers, their focus is selecting the finest grapes possible, and their dedication to quality has really paid off.

Bottle To Buy: Hattingley Valley Rosé 2019

Visit The Vineyard: Visit for guided tours and tasting experiences.


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With vineyards in Kent and West Sussex, Gusbourne have become a prominent player in the English sparkling wine industry, recently crowned as one of the world’s best wines at the Decanter World Wine Awards. Their wines are crafted using traditional methods and benefit from the region’s chalky soils.

They have a dedication to quality and sustainability, and their best-selling, award-winning Blanc de Blancs offers floral and fruity aromas on the nose, and citrusy and toasty flavours on the palate – perfect with seafood.

Bottle To Buy: Gusbourne Blanc De Blancs 2018

Visit The Vineyard: Visit for guided tours, tastings, dining experiences, picnics in the vineyard and regular events.


Artelium is an innovative winery that combines art, creativity, and wine across East and West Sussex. Founded by Julie Bretland and Mark Collins, the husband and wife team planted their first vines in 2010, rapidly expanding their vineyard to approximately 150,000 vines through intensive planting schedules.

They collaborate with skilled artisanal winemakers for each vintage to craft exceptional wines from their grapes, and their inaugural vintage in 2015 was produced in partnership with renowned winemaker Dermot Sugrue. The winery’s sites also feature art galleries and hospitality venues, providing guests with a fully immersive wine tourism experience.

Bottle To Buy: Curators Cuvée 2016

Visit The Vineyard: Visit the tasting room for exceptional wine and delicious food, or join a vineyard tour for an insight into the Artelium story.

Hundred Hills

After successful careers in Pharmaceuticals and Tech, Stephen and Fiona Duckett relocated to Oxfordshire and pursued their passion for English Sparkling wine. They extensively scouted potential vineyard locations for three years and eventually chose the Stonor Valley in South East Oxfordshire. The site’s unique features, including free-draining chalk and limestone soils and the protection of ancient forests, were crucial factors in their decision.

They firmly believe in the importance of vineyards in winemaking and exclusively use the finest press juice from grapes they meticulously nurture for up to 100 days each year. All their wines are vintage, allowing them to showcase the site’s variations across different years.

Bottle To Buy: Hundred Hill Signature Rose 2018

Visit The Vineyard: Visit the cellar door shop for magnums and exclusive releases, or become a member of the Hundred Club to arrange a private visit.

Chapel Down

Even if you’re brand new to English sparkling wine, chances are you’ve heard of Chapel Down, one of England’s leading wine producers. Located in the heart of the Garden of England, their vineyards benefit from the chalky terroir of the North Downs, producing wines of outstanding quality. Their mission is to redefine perceptions of English wine, showcasing the true potential and excellence of their wines.

With a dedicated winemaking team and partnerships with renowned institutions like England Cricket, Ascot Racecourse and The Royal Opera House, the brand continues to make its mark on the industry.

Bottle To Buy: Chapel Down NV Brut

Visit The Vineyard: Visit for guided vineyard tours and tutored wine tastings.

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