Thought you’d streamed all of the best Netflix originals? Think again. The last few years has seen Netflix release some seriously great shows to add to their emporium of original series. But while you’ve binged your way through Emily in Paris and After Life, you might have missed some of the foreign gems that have also landed onto the streaming service. To help you navigate your way through the minefield that is Netflix’s international series, we’ve handpicked a selection of our favourites to ease you in. 

From the bubbly Spanish friendship narrative of Valeria to Germany’s spine-chilling series Dark, here’s what next to add to your watch list.


For those hunting for a series that’s filled with laughter, friendship and self discovery, buckle in for an emotive ride as you binge your way through two seasons of Netflix’s Valeria. The Spanish series, set in Madrid, follows four friends as they navigate their way through early adulthood, from their career paths through to their sexual endeavours. 

Starring Diana Gómez as Valeria, the show sees us learn more about the struggling writer as she attempts to write a novel. Slot that alongside relationship problems and Valeria is a character that most young adults can relate to as they find their feet in adulthood.

Home For Christmas

Bookmark this one and save it for December… Here to fuel your Christmas addiction is Home For Christmas, a Norwegian series that follows a young singleton as she tries to find a boyfriend she can bring home for Christmas. Having grown tired of her family constantly belittling her for not being in a solid relationship, Johanne is on a mission to find a successful suitor she can show off this Christmas. 

Anyone who has had relatives nitpick at their love life any time they return home for the festive can surely relate to pressures that Ida Elise Broch’s character, Johanne, feels.

Squid Game

It would be impossible to ignore the colossal impact that the hit Korean show Squid Game has had on the streaming site giant. And it even managed to nab the title as Netflix’s most popular show ever, which is a huge achievement in itself.

For those not in the know, Squid Game follows a Hunger Games narrative of sorts. It follows the fate of a driver who is in debt and is invited to play a game to win a huge sum of money. Competing alongside hundreds of others, it turns out if you lose any challenges, you die…

Love & Anarchy 

One for the romantic comedy fiends, Netflix’s Swedish series, Love & Anarchy, follows Sofie and Max as they get involved in a flirtatious game of office antics. And this isn’t even a spoiler (it literally shows it in the trailer) when we say that things don’t end as civilised as they should. 

This was Netflix’s second Swedish flix and after the success, suspense and scandal that Love & Anarchy entails, we’re excited to see what’s next. 

The Cook of Castamar

For period drama fanatics, look to Netflix’s The Cook Of Castmar. Based on the popular tome by Fernando J. Múñez, the Spanish series is set during 18th century Madrid and follows the forbidden love story of a widowed duke and a young cook. While the love affair provides thrills, the consequences they could ultimately face are far worse than the pair could imagine. Perfect for lovers of Bridgerton, this is a must-watch for this weekend.  


It all started with a missing child. But before they knew it, the four families searching for Erik Obendorf uncovered a mystery too big to unravel. 

Set in a small town in Germany, Netflix’s Dark is spine-chilling, spanning an enigma that’s been hidden, yet on-going for multiple generations. Expect complexity and thrills as you follow the families searching for answers to this mind bending puzzle.


Maria Schrader snagged the Emmy for Directing – Limited Series for the Netflix limited series, Unorthodox, a show that sees a woman flee captures a young woman’s journey to becoming free from an arranged marriage and settling in with a musical group in Berlin, Germany.

Jumping from Yiddish and English, Unorthodox draws on Deborah Feldman’s 2012 memoir.


Binged your way through Squid Games and something similar to devour? Look to 3%, the first Brazilian Netflix original series that sees only 3% of the population allowed to live in paradise. Through a series of games and challenges, individuals must battle to the end to get their chance of joining the elite, or lose and live in the overcrowded slums forever. 

Written and created by Pedro Aguilera, there are four intoxicating seasons to make your way through.


For a real look into Paris, look to Netflix’s Lupin, the series inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin. Wondering who that is? He’s a gentleman thief that is on a mission to avenge his father following an injustice that was brought about by a rather wealthy family. Binge through series one and two before the third arrives on the scene soon.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories 

We all know the feeling of those hunger pangs that ring as soon as you head home from a night out and you’re craving that one thing in particular. At the Midnight Diner, your wishes can be answered. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories follows the life and soul of a small restaurant called Meshiya and its owner nicknamed the Master. Here the Master will whizz up whatever you want in a matter of minutes, between the hours of 12am to 7am.

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