Having lived the rockstar lifestyle while on the road with the Rolling Stones, Jo Wood has completely transformed her life to live in a holistic, healthy and sustainable way.

Now living on an entirely organic, self-sufficient home in Northamptonshire, equipped with solar panels, a water well and plenty of pots with home-grown fruit and vegetables dotted around. She even has her own successful organic business too, Jo Wood Organics, producing organic skincare and beauty products, made using all natural sourced ingredients.

We chatted to Jo about her lifestyle transformation to live sustainably and learn more as to why natural organic skincare and beauty products are the way forward. Here is what she had to say…

You have an incredibly interesting story, from a rock star lifestyle to a very natural, sustainable way of life, what drove this change?

In 1989 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s and the news made it to the newspapers. After this happened an organic herbalist, Gerald Green, got in touch to help me with my diagnosis; he taught me about organic food and detoxing my body. After I saw him I began to detox my body but became very ill – it turns out I’d been misdiagnosed with Crohn’s and had actually been suffering from a perforated appendix, and that eating organics had actually helped find this out and keep me alive. I’ve been an organic girl ever since! 

What have been the most rewarding aspects of transitioning to a sustainable, natural lifestyle?

My health. Learning about food and the effects, both good and bad, it can have on your body has been a real journey and is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects. By changing to organic foods and products I’m doing my bit to create a demand for organics which, in turn, is cleaning up the fields and rivers by not using pesticides. I’ve realised that we as humans can change anything based on the ways we spend our money.


The prospect of changing their diet to embrace an organic lifestyle can be quite daunting for many people. Do you have any recommendations for people wanting to make this transition? 

Always start with small changes and build your way up. For example, start by buying organic milk, a few organic vegetables and organic meat. The other thing I always recommend is to cut out processed food.

Have you noticed a difference in your personal health since you have transformed your lifestyle?

Absolutely. Nowadays, I rarely see a doctor and if I do have to, it’s always a Naturopath or a Homeopathic doctor. I’ve found that since I changed to an organic lifestyle I’ve hardly found myself needing any medication. 

Why do you believe organic beauty products are so important?

What you put on your skin goes into your bloodstream far faster than the food you eat as stomachs can break down any chemicals before it reaches your bloodstream. It’s good to steer away from using beauty products with lots of chemicals as it goes straight into your system.

Learning about food and the effects, both good and bad, it can have on your body has been a real journey and is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects.

What are your favourite organic skincare and beauty products that you just cannot live without? 

I genuinely couldn’t live without my Jo Wood Organics products, they’re my go-to body oil, perfume and candle and help to transform my bathroom into a spa. For makeup, I really love Emani, which has the most amazing vegan, non-toxic and cruelty free makeup. The other brand I’ve been using for years is the Mother Dirt which is American natural bodycare which puts good bacteria onto your skin once you’ve stripped it off. 

Are there benefits to your skin using products made of natural origins?

Organic cosmetic products, especially oils, are fantastic for the skin. Due to the skin being mostly oils, natural oil based cosmetic products are compatible and help feed the skin in order to keep it healthy.

What are your top natural beauty tips or tricks?

I always always take my makeup off, no matter what, and I always take it off using organic coconut oil. It’s cheap, kind to the skin and great for removing all makeup. My other tip is to always use a natural organic kohl eyeliner – you’ll rarely see me without it! 

What have you found most challenging about running your own organic brand?

Actually running it! I’m not the most business-minded person and am much stronger on the creativity side of my business so it’s been a challenge to face the business side of things. It’s good to get help and expertise from others to help make the running of the business a success e.g. my formulator who I work very closely with, website designer and creative agency. 

What advice do you have for those aspiring to start their own businesses?

You have to be patient and do something you’re passionate about. You have to believe in  what you’re doing for it to be a success.

Now that life is getting back to normal, what are some of your favourite restaurants you cannot wait to return to?

  • The Duke of Cambridge, Islington – certified organic pub and restaurant which is great for a Sunday roast.
  • The River Cafe, Hammersmith – I’ve been going to for years and  I loves that they grow their own herbs and vegetables.
  • The Wolseley, Mayfair – an all-time favourite!

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