In a world that’s breaking down barriers, gender-neutral scents are leading the charge. They’re not just fragrances; they’re a movement, an invitation to embrace individuality and celebrate the beauty of being you. They don’t play by the “his” or “hers” rulebook, making them versatile for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Here’s our favourites…

It’s like a beach day without the sunscreen—fresh, breezy, and everyone’s invited.
Liberating salted musk that gives the fragrance a surprise element of a second skin.
Smells like adventure, but not the “getting lost in the woods” kind. Think classy wanderlust.
A classic that turns heads. Think leather jackets, open road, mysterious allure. Unisex? More like unapologetically cool.
One note wonder, but trust us, it’s the rockstar of notes. Minimalist chic in a bottle.
Luxe vibes, a touch of spice, and a side of sophistication (and expense!) that you’d expect from Tom Ford.
Transforms uniquely on every wearer’s skin thanks to the hero ingredient, ambroxan, the molecule that Escentric 01 (see above) is famed for.
Smells like a Mediterranean holiday. Fig leaves, sunshine, and zero baggage.
A sophisticated blend of warm amber, spices, and floral notes which oozes luxury.
Sporty without breaking a sweat. Citrusy, lively, and Chanel—it’s a win-win.
Earthy, spicy, and timeless. Smells like success with a touch of adventure.
Spice up your life, literally. It’s black pepper with attitude.
Fresh, zesty with a citrus punch and a spray of sea salt. Pure and invigorating.

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