How organised are you? You might think you have your act together but if your inbox is overflowing with unread emails, you’re always late for important meetings or your screen time is skyrocketing from all of your TikTok viewing, then you might need to rethink a few things. Thankfully there are a whole host of apps out there helping you to organise the sh*t out of your life. 

From organising the day-to-day menial tasks you always neglect to the app that’s designed to help you give up on your ‘doomscrolling’ addiction, here are the best organisational apps to download right now.


Fed up of ‘doomscrolling’ your day away? Can’t stay motivated when TikTok dances are calling your name? It sounds like you need a little help from Forest, the app designed to help you stay focused without the distractions of your phone.  

In short, the app helps you stay focused, defeat the distractions and cut down on your screen time. All you have to do is set a timer for however long you don’t want to be on your phone and while you aren’t busy tapping away at your texts, scrolling on Instagram or Facebook stalking old school friends, you’ll be helping a tree to grow. If you stop the timer early, the tree will die. 

It’s really rather nifty – the more time you stay focused, the more trees you can grow and allow to flourish into a digital forest. They’ve also teamed up with real-tree planting organisation, Trees for the Future, to plant trees for real. You can help plant trees in the real world by spending virtual coins via the app and the Forest team donates to the organisation and creates planting orders.

Available on: Apple and Android


Those who have been working remotely over the last year and a half will likely be very familiar with this one, but Slack is a great tool to adopt into your daily working life. Wherever you are based, from home, the office or the other side of the world to your colleagues, Slack helps you organise day-to-day work tasks more easily. 

From brainstorming to working with external partners, there are a whole range of in-app ways to work closely together and keep on top of things. You can easily understand what needs doing, how to do it and log when you’ve finished a task, as well as seeing when your colleagues are up to speed on everything too. 

Available on: Apple and Android


If you can’t bear another note taking app or you’re more of a visual learner, Ayoa might be right up your alley. Great for brainstorming, the app uses a white board feature to help you create the mind map of your dreams. 

On the whiteboard front, you can freehand doodles, add attachments, images, shapes, flow charts, lists and sticky notes in an easy to read way. While the mind mapping section of the app helps you to ignite your creativity in a fun way. 

Ditch the note taking and let your creativity run wild with Ayoa.

Available on: Apple and Android

Google Calendar 

If you aren’t one to keep a physical diary (they are annoying to carry around anyway) but need to make sure you don’t keep missing those important client meetings, download the Google Calendar app to keep your organised. 

It might seem like an obvious one, but keeping on top of appointments and meetings so you don’t double book is a lot easier than explaining why you are 20 minutes late to your dentist appointment, for the second time in a row. 

Easy to use, you can view your upcoming daily, weekly and monthly schedule and add in events from your Gmail account straight to your calendar. You can set reminders to pop up on your phone so you don’t forget too.   

Available on: Apple and Android 

Get on top of your to do list once and for all with This award-winning app has helped millions of people get their life back on track with their easy to use organising. 

Whether you use it for work or just want a way to keep on top of your daily errand runs, the app has several handy features that can be easily implemented into your daily routine. Expect manageable to-do lists, easily accessible calendar, reminder settings, grocery lists and even a daily planner.

Available on: Apple and Android


Just started out in the office and have been given the mundane task of taking endless meeting notes? Evernote is here to help you organise them a little easier than that scrappy notebook you’ve been shakingly scribbling notes in. 

It’s an app that helps you take down notes more easily, as well as adding images, audio, scans, PDFs and documents to the template in the process. While you’ll need to be good at speed typing, it’s a whole lot easier than trying to decipher your scribbled shorthand notes. What’s more, you can connect the app to all of your devices so if your phone battery dies or you’re away from your desktop computer, you can connect and add to them anywhere. 

There are also a whole host of other features too, including document scanning, to-do list tasks, templates and a handy calendar.

Available on: Apple and Android


Trello, you got an app. Ok, enough with the mediocre attempts at School of Rock references, Trello is a great platform that helps teams work more effectively together, wherever they are in the world. 

It essentially helps offices and teams on top of their tasks, with features including ‘to do’ lists, ‘doing’ lists and ‘done’ lists. It’ll also help keep your micromanaging boss at bay as they’ll be able to easily determine how you’re spending your time. 

Even if you are back in the office, it’s a great app to continue using as it helps teams keep on top of their tasks and keep productivity high. 

Available on: Apple and Android

Sleep Cycle

Organising your life should start with your sleep regime. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can really reduce your productivity levels and ultimately make you less organised. Here to help is Sleep Cycle, the app that helps you track your sleep throughout the night. 

Using sound and movement, the app helps to track and analyse your sleep patterns and wakes you up when you’re during your lightest sleep phase, without the morning fear of your impending 7am alarm clock. 

It’s said that the average person needs between seven to nine hours of sleep per night, and if you’re someone who struggles with their regular sleep pattern or needs an extra push to help them sleep better at night, Sleep Cycle will help you track your sleeping progress. 

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Available on: Apple and Android


Fed up of always having to reset your password? LastPass takes the hassle out of it all by allowing its users to store their passwords in a secure space, across all devices. 

Sure, we’re told to never tell another soul about our passwords but it can get really rather annoying when you attempt a password and get locked out after too many wrong attempts. You can sign up for personal uses or through your business account and have all access to all of your passwords ready to go in one place. 

Available on: Apple and Android


Rubbish with saving your pennies? Plum is here to help you cut back on spending so you can finally get that dream honeymoon, save that house deposit or just learn how to invest your money more wisely. 

It connects to your bank to understand what it is you’re spending your money on and how much money is coming back into your account. Every few days, the app does the work for you, transferring the perfect amount of money to your saving pots. 

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Available on: Apple and Android

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