As the nights close in and the witching hour looms, unleash your inner goth and cloak your home in the darkest decor. Garnish your mantle with skulls, drape your windows in webs and line your steps with pumpkins. Amp up your design with our pick of the most stylish adornments.

Halloween isn’t just for the kids or thrill-seeking teens; it’s a time for creatives to play and party. Costumes are unveiled and homes are transformed in outlandish ways, but you can still keep it chic. Look to interior designers for inspiration; combine tackier decs with dried flowers for an elevated, more grown-up feel.

& Then They Went Wild designer, Nicki Bamford-Bowes, famed not only for her stint on the Interior Design Masters series, but also for her dramatic living room installations is a must for extravagant ideas. To emulate, make Wild At Heart, the London-based florist, your first stop for flamboyant creations.

John Lewis and Next have you covered for pumpkin plates, paper bats and black balloons, but explore boutique-style stores for that something extra. Rockett St George is a go-to for dark decor, while Abigail Ahern is renowned for her atmospheric faux botanicals. All you need now is some frightful fashion, blood-curdling cocktails, and a few spooks and ghouls to join you for a night of devilish antics…


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Use your front door or mantelpiece as your canvas to create something spectacular.

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