Netflix’s Hit-Series, Heartstopper, Is Confirmed For Season 2

By Rufus Punt | 30th May 2023

One of the best Netflix shows of 2022 was the coming-of-age dramedy Heartstopper, capturing the hearts of viewers worldwide. Now, it’s confirmed for a second season.

In a year packed with huge hits like Stranger Things and Wednesday, Heartstopper stood out as a warm yet authentic series that won praise for how it tackled LGBTQ issues and for its central cast. So, a second season was practically inevitable, and it’s tipped to be one of the best shows to stream this summer. Ahead of its 3rd August launch, here’s all we know about Charlie and Nick’s second chapter.

Everything we know about Heartstopper Season 2

Netflix confirmed with a short release date announcement video that Season 2 will be released on 3rd August, with some glimpses behind the scenes with Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) and Nick Nelson (Kit Connor), with only a few teases of plotlines.

“Alice [Oseman] has got some amazing scripts for us” says Connor, and promises that it will have a “different vibe” to season 1. Charlie, meanwhile, is set to “go on more of a journey, and the story’s a bit more mature” according to Locke.

Other characters, like Elle, Imogen and Tao will have more developed storylines in Season 2, and Oseman has also revealed that Charlie’s friend Isaac will be the centre of a storyline about his asexual and aromantic identity, a theme explored in the series.

When is it released?

The highly-anticipated second season is set to hit Netflix UK on 3rd August, 2023.

Are there any cast changes?

Netflix has also announced a few new cast members who’ll be joining the show, including Bel Priestly as Naomi and Ash Self as Felix, both friends of Elle, and Thibault de Montalembert as Stephane, father of Nick.

Season 1 Recap

In case you missed it, Season 1 adapted the original Hearstopper webcomic by writer Alice Oseman, which followed Charlie and Nick, two schoolmates who meet and fall in love with each other. After being seated next to Nick, who is a year older than him, Charlie quickly becomes friends with and then develops a crush on the rugby star, and isn’t sure how to deal with his feelings. Charlie’s already secretly in a relationship with another student, Ben Hope (Sebastian Croft), and he’s also not sure of Nick’s sexuality- Charlie’s friends Tao (William Gao) and Isaac (Tobie Donovan) tell him Nick is straight. After breaking things off with Ben, Charlie and Nick eventually start a relationship, but both are worried about going public, facing homophobia and experiencing mixed feelings. By the end of the season, though, they’re together, and Nick comes out as bisexual to his mother Sarah (played by Olivia Colman).

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