Whether you’re travelling short haul or long haul, there are a few flight essentials that you should be packing in your hold luggage for quick skin refreshers that ensure you land looking and feeling your best.

These are the beauty heroes that cut it even at 30,000 feet… 

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Eve Lom Cleansing Capsules x14, £20

Designed with flights in mind, these innovative capsules each contain a single dose of Eve Lom’s much-loved cleansing oil. Full of omega fatty acids, the silky formula is perfect for cleansing and replenishing skin mid-flight – a real treat for tired skin.

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask, from £24

Aptly named, this face mask is like a drink for your skin (think 2 litres of water rather than a stiff gin!) Packed with powerful hydrators and brightening niacinamide, this is certainly one of the best long haul flight essentials. It sinks in beautifully that no one will even know you’re wearing it. Let it linger on your skin for as long as you can and then wash off before touch-down. You’ll skin will look ridiculously radiant. 

Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, (small) £12

A new, no BS product that puts the power back in your hands. It tames strays, conditions, defines curls, smooths frizz, primes your hair for styling, adds texture, boosts shine and makes a brilliant mask. It’s basically all your haircare products rolled into one! 

Eyeko Mini Black Magic Mascara, £5

For most of us, a full face of makeup is no-go while travelling, yet we tend to find it hard to part with our beloved mascara. This dinky mascara takes up minimal space and is worth packing just in case you end up seated next to a handsome stranger! Its curved brush, inky shade and keratin-infused formula creates drama and curl without leaving lashes feeling crispy. 

Foreo Bear Mini Facial Toning Device, £179

Supercharge your skincare, encourage lymphatic drainage (puffy flight face is a thing!) and relieve a stiff neck with this microcurrent device that gently exercises 69 muscles in your face and neck. A mini facial in the sky, now we’re talking! 

De Mamiel Altitude Oil, £30

Any product that claims to ward off bacteria and help us relax when while flying, has our vote!

This oil prevents that heady feeling you often get on planes and just helps you to feel that bit more comfortable if your nerves are taking over. Plus, it smells dreamy. Dab on the inside of your wrists and behind your neck and then breathe.  

Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks, £22

If you have the confidence to wear eye masks on the plane without caring that everyone is staring at you, do it! You’ll have the last laugh when you get off the plane looking wide-eyed and refreshed. The soft silicone texture latches on to the skin without slipping and seals in skincare to maximise results.  And they’re completely reusable and sustainable which means you can wear them again on your outbound journey too. 

Fresh Vitamin Nectar Antioxidant Glow Water, £21 

This ultra-fine alcohol-free citrusy mist is an absolute must-have for any hot getaway. Use and abuse as a cooling primer, makeup setting spray and a hydrating refresher. The blend of Vitamins C, E and B5 packs a powerful punch of hydration that will instantly refresh.

Dr.Jart + Ceramidin Cream, £30

A hardcore moisturiser is an absolute must when it comes to flight essentials. This cult cream has a ceramide complex that cossets the skin barrier, helping to reduce water loss which is a given while high in the air. But it’s the dewy sheen it leaves on the skin that is the real wow factor.

Jo Malone Vitamin E Lip Conditioner, £26

This thick balm gives ultra-hydration to the lips without any stickiness or greasy texture. As you’d expect from a brand that’s renowned for its incredible scents, this balm is lightly fragranced with a sweet smell of honey that adds to its moisturising properties too. 

L’Occitane Travel-Sized Shea Butter Hand Cream, £8

This award-winning pocket-size hand cream is super-rich in shea butter yet sinks into the skin immediately and leaves hands significantly moisturised and soft for hours after. And if your hands tend to blow up on flights, this will relieve that tight taut uncomfortable feeling. 

NARS Bronzing Cream, £31

Just a dab of this creamy formula on your cheeks, bridge of your nose and forehead will give you second-skin warmth to your face cheating a fresh-faced look. It’s scented with the brand’s signature French Polynesia Monoï de Tahiti Oil, which is also known to lock in moisture, firm, and tone complexion. Plus, it comes in five flattering shades to suit the finish you want. 

Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash, £7

We’ve all tried a fair share of sanitisers over the last couple of years, but it’s this one that always stands out from the rest. Fast-drying without leaving any tightness behind, and minus that horribly strong alcohol-based surgical smell. Win, win!

Aromatherapy Associates Moments To Pause Travel Collection, £52

This trio of essential oils is a godsend when it comes to long haul flight essentials. They double up brilliantly as fragrance particular if you want something less heady in the summer. It features three of the brand’s best-selling oils (De-Stress, Revive Morning and Deep Relax) each designed to calm your mood and soothe the senses. And the luxe leather pouch is an extra special touch.

Ross J Barr Calm Patches, £15 for 10, Victoria Health

If your anxiety goes through the roof on take-off, these discreet patches will have you breathing calmly in no time. Created by leading acupuncturist, Ross. J. Barr, to help ease tensions such as headaches and migraines, but they also remedy the stagnation of thoughts or brain fog and soothe frustration and agitation. Plus, they’re completely natural. Quite simply, don’t board a plane without them! 

Peep Club Instant Relief Eye Spray, £15

Dry eyes are a given when you’re flying in a pressurised cabin for hours on end. Add hydration instantly with a spritz or two of this eye spray to relieve redness, irritation, itchiness, and heavy, tired eyes. And the best bit is you can apply it while wearing makeup and contact lenses too. 

Subtle Energies Sleep Easy Nasya Oil, £34

Falling asleep can be difficult at the best of times, throw in a plane full of people and constricted seating, and sleep is well and truly off the agenda for most. But this miniature ayurvedic-based oil is packed with 20 herbs infused in Black Seed Sesame that are known to assist with sleep, sinus congestion, snoring and calm the senses. Simply sniff 1 to 2 drops up each nostril or place the oil on a cotton bud and massage it around both nostrils. Promise it’s not as fussy as it sounds, and it works like magic. 

The Flat Lay Company, Flat Lay Makeup Bag, from £19.99

The most innovative way to carry your bits and bobs. Simply bung all your products in this cosmetics bag and then open it up to view everything in sight. This takes out all the furious rummaging out of carrying the kitchen sink. It’s the nearest thing you’ll find to a portable dressing table. 

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