Easter 2024 is just around the corner, and if you’re on the hunt for a great gift, minus the sugar highs, there is one brand that we cannot fault. We’re sure you’re already familiar with the British soft toy experts Jellycat, which offers everything from birthday presents to new baby gifts, but their selection of playful Easter-inspired cuddlies is well worth checking out, too. Scroll to shop our spring edit.

In Partnership With Jellycat

Chocolate is great, but usually, friends and family have that covered come Easter time. So why not shop for an alternative this year with something sentimental that will last a whole lot longer?

Jellycat’s luxurious range of soft toys includes firm favourites like their floppy-eared bunnies, which come in a multitude of pleasing colourways and can be personalised with names to ensure they become the most favoured ted in the bunch. Similarly, if you’re lucky enough to have your own little Easter chick joining the family this springtime, Jellycat’s offering is beyond soft. Plus, their rattles are a regular go-to gift for any new mums and new babas, whatever time of year.

Thanks to their amusing characters and the softest of fur, Jellycat’s toys are instantly recognisable and a firm favourite when shopping for gifts. 

If you’re shopping for a more grown-up giftee, though, there are some truly classic pieces to fall in love with this Easter, like the elegant Featherful swan – a proud parent, protecting two twin cygnets on her fluffy wings.

Alternatively, if you’re after something more light-hearted, Jellycat have created a humorous collection of egg-inspired products to up the Easter vibes. There’s a sweet boiled egg toy in the usual super soft fabric, complete with a cheeky smile; an egg-shaped keyring that can be attached to bags; and – our favourite – the happy egg fluffy bag. Smiley and sunny, with a strong mustard strap and sunny-side-up golden yolk at its centre, it’s the perfect companion for any Easter Weekend egg hunt.

Scroll our edit below and check out Jellycat’s full collection of Easter goodies here.

Over-generous friends and relatives will no doubt spoilt them with chocolate this Easter, so gift them a teeth-friendlier (and longer lasting!) option with Jellycat’s comical egg toy.

Make their Easter bunny all the more special by personalising it with their name. A surefire way to make this their favourite cuddly of the bunch.

Shop the full personalised bunny range here.



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