It’s only been a few months since Poor Things released in cinemas as one of the best films of 2023 and landed Emma Stone her second acting Oscar. If you loved that quirky tale, a follow-up of sorts is just around the corner.

Stone and director Yorgos Lanthimos are teaming up once again for Kinds of Kindness, an anthology film releasing in June. The first trailer recently dropped online, and showcased Stone alongside a very impressive cast that includes Jesse Plemons (Killers of the Flower Moon), Willem Dafoe (also in Poor Things), Margaret Qualley (Drive Away Dolls) and Hunter Schafer (Euphoria). Here’s all we know about Lanthimos’ latest work:

What is Kinds of Kindness about?

Kinds of Kindness is in the vain of anthology films like The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar and The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, following a tapestry of different stories and characters in Lanthimos’ quirky style. The director hasn’t revealed a huge amount of plot details and what to expect from these tales, but the film is confirmed to be set in the US, with several cast members playing several different characters. According to the official plot synopsis released by the studio, the storylines involve a man trying to take control of his own life, policeman who discovers his missing wife has returned but as a seemingly different person, and a woman who is trying to find someone with a “specific ability” who she believes will become a spiritual leader. Our interest is certainly piqued- and the trailer only made us even more intrigued.

What else do we know?

The first trailer for Kinds of Kindness released to announce that it will be debuting first at the Cannes Film Festival, thought it only provides a brief look at what’s to come. It opens with Emma Stone’s currently unknown character dancing in a car park, with a woman slumped in a wheelchair a few feet away from her. We also see quick shots of the rest of our cast, including Plemons, Dafoe, Qualley and Schafer, as well as Joe Alwyn and Hong Chau- oh, and a mysterious dog filmed in black and white. What this all means is unknown, so we’ll have to wait until June to see how it all fits together. Some of the images also released may give a few more clues: Plemons, Dafoe and Qualley’s characters seem to perhaps be a family, or some other close bond, while Hunter Schafer’s might be demonstrating the “specific ability” mentioned in the plot description.

When does it release?

While it’ll be premiering for critics at Cannes in May, Kinds of Kindness is set to arrive in UK cinemas on 28th June.

Watch the teaser here

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