Looking for a fun and heartfelt rom-com to sink into this Christmas? Then you may want to turn your attention to Netflix’s upcoming film Falling for Christmas, featuring Mean Girls and Herbie Fully Loaded star Lindsay Lohan in the central role. The film is the first in a multi-movie deal inked with Netflix as the star continues to make an acting comeback, and is set to arrive on the streamer today.

In her first major film role in over a decade, Lohan plays the role of Sierra Belmont, a recently engaged but spoilt heiress to a hotel who suddenly injures herself in a skiing accident, and suffers from total amnesia. She’s taken in and cared for by a handsome blue-collar lodge owner, with only a few days left until Christmas, and also meets his precocious daughter. As she begins to recover to try and get her memories back, she begins to reevaluate herself and where she is in life.

The film is directed by Janeen Damian, who’s known for her work on several other Christmas films including The Christmas Waltz and Much Ado About Christmas. Chatting about the film ahead of its release to Netflix, Lohan said: “It’s such a refreshing, heartwarming romantic comedy, and I miss doing those kinds of movies…the stunt scenes were really fun for me because I haven’t gotten to do that much in a lot of my films… When I’m flying off the hill, attempting to ski well and not doing it.”
Falling for Christmas will also star Chord Overstreet as Jake, George Young as Tad, Jack Wagner as Beauregard, and Olivia Perez as Jake’s daughter Avy.

This isn’t the only film from Netflix that Lohan and Damian will be collaborating on, with the second movie from Lohan’s recent Netflix deal already in post-production, titled Irish Wish. The film sees Lohan play a bridesmaid at a wedding in Ireland, and also stars actress Jane Seymour opposite her. In the meantime though, you can see Lohan’s return to main screen roles when Falling for Christmas releases today, 10th November.

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