I’ve always been one of those people so inspired by my surroundings, especially when it comes to my photography. If I’m somewhere colourful with beautiful scenery it instantly lifts my mood and gets me snap happy. I bet the same could be said for a lot of people!

The past few years have taken me to some of the most colourful places, be it through work or my own curiosity. And although travel has been off the cards for the last year, I’m excited to explore some of the world’s most colourful cities once more.

So I decided to round up my favourite rainbow-esque destinations so you too can find your next Insta-Worthy, wanderlust inspiration! I hope you enjoy…

Burano, Nothern Italy

Burano is a picturesque town in northern Italy made up of colourful fishermen’s houses. Floating in a body of water known as the Venetian Lagoon, Burano is known for it’s lacemaking. There are so many little shops through this town that sell the most beautiful pieces of intricately hand crafted lace. There are also lots of places to watch Murano glass being made, which is another popular craft in the town that made it’s way over from the nearby island of Murano.

Another thing that Burano is famous for? Fish! If you like seafood then you have come to the right place! Burano is full of very cosy little restaurants that are quite informal that the locals call ‘taverns’. They are also of course, plenty of pizzeria’s to feed your appetite. Make sure you also visit Tre Ponti (three bridges) for the prettiest sunset photographs!

Venice, Italy

Of course, you can’t mention Burano without a mention of one of my favourite places in the entire world: Venice. I love anything to do with boats and the sea, and the colours of Venice are unbelievably romantic. On a sunny day the water is the perfect shade of turquoise blue, the buildings are pretty variations of soft yellows and peaches and then at the right time of day with the right weather, the whole city is bathed in golden light.

Not only is Venice a beautiful place to look at, but it also has so much history. You will never tire of hearing stories past in Venice. The Bridge Of Sighs (photographed above) has a very sad story indeed. The bridge separates the palace from the prison and was called the Bridge Of Sighs because Venetians imagined the sorrow of the convicted prisoners that would cross, going straight to their prison cells whilst getting their last view of Venice’s waterways through the stone windows.

If you visit Venice you absolutely have to visit the Doge Palace that is connected to the Bridge Of Sighs. It was built in traditional Venetian gothic style and is truly breathtaking inside and out. Think painted ballrooms with high ceilings and golden accents as far as the eye can see. Another thing you must do in Venice is of course, take a Gondola ride. You can see the whole city in about an hour and yes, some of the gondoliers do sing on request!

Mykonos, Paros & Santorini

Being Greek, the Cyclades have such a special piece of my heart as I spent most of my summers there with my family. I know many of you wish to travel to visit the Greek islands but don’t know which islands to visit so let me tell you, Mykonos, Paros and Santorini are the most beautiful islands you could ever wish to visit.

They are all unique in their own way. Santorini – as I’m sure you’ve seen on Instagram – is a wonderful white washed seaside town with blue roofs and a view of the horizon. It’s the ideal destination for a romantic trip with ‘that special someone’, whiling away the house sipping on cocktails. What I love most about Mykonos as an island is its diversity. It’s classy and cool and has everything you might look for in a holiday. If you want to relax, you can. If you want to eat incredible food both Greek and international, you can. If you want to party, you can!

Next, Paros. This is up there with one of my favourite destinations mainly due to the fact that I think it has an idyllic balance of everything the Greek islands have to offer. It has the beautiful colours, the quaint architecture, a touch of nightlife, the delicious Greek food, the beautiful beaches and all in-between. Paros island is sensational for couples, groups of friends and families.

Porto & Lisbon

Porto has a little something for everybody. The weather is wonderfully pleasant from April all the way until the end of September – the hottest months of the year being July and August, in which the Atlantic tide is much more enjoyable. However, if you’re a surfer this place is paradise all year round.

There’s also a whole load of wine produced in Porto and it’s something they’re very proud of! The Douro Valley is one of the most popular tours and once you see the view you’ll understand why. You can get there by boat which I would highly recommend. The whole city is alive with vivacious, charming characters that embrace life to the full.

Similarly, Lisbon is on the Atlantic which means it’s also great for surfing and full of many a winery and cobbled streets. Lisbon is also quite ‘hilly’! The tram in Lisbon is adorable. It’s really quite small and has been in operation since 1873. Can you imagine how amazed people were when it first launched!? This photogenic place simply bursts with colourful pastel houses and decorative tiles.

Seville, Spain

Seville, a south of Spain gem, is one of the hottest parts of Europe and has been known to reach 40 degrees consistently during the summer. It’s the heart of the Andalusia region, known for it’s flamenco dancing, the incredible Alcázar castle and beautiful Parque de Maria Luisa.

Taking a little excursion you’ll cast your gaze over gorgeous beaches, driving distances away from the city that simply booms with colour.

Menton, South Of France

It wouldn’t be a comment on colourful destinations if I didn’t mention Menton on the French Riviera. Known as ‘the pearl of France’, Menton is famous for it’s gardens bursting with citrus fruits. One of the loveliest things to do in Menton is visit the Jardin botanique exotique; a botanical garden filled with exotic plants thanks to the subtropical microclimate unique to this part of France. When you’re finished there be sure to watch the sunset in one of the many restaurants or bars along the picturesque seafront.

Oh, and fun fact… Menton is exactly half way between Paris and Rome; they have a fountain that marks the exact spot!

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