It really is the most wonderful time of the year but let’s not kid ourselves, after the whirlwind of Christmas Lunch is over, stomachs are full to the brim, presents have been unwrapped and every Christmas film has played on repeat, things can start to get a bit quiet. A bit too quiet for our liking. Kick start the festive fun all over again with some good old games that even your grumpy Grandad will want to join in.

Whether you prefer a serious round of monopoly, a race against the clock card game or a novelty game of antler ring toss, here are some of our favourite games for you and your family to play this festive season.


Dip in and pick a stick and prepare for hilarity to ensue. With a range of different dipsticks packs from charades, to music and names, you need to put on your singing voice and brush up your acting skills to make life a little tricky for your opponents.

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Dog Bingo

It’s no wonder that us Brits have come up with another way to include our pets into everything possible and our favourite furry friends make a starring cameo in Dog Bingo. Yep, like standard bingo but WAY better and cuter. Plus, it makes the perfect game for all ages.

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Pass The Pud

Whether you love to eat it or hate it, Christmas Pud is always a winner in game form. As you hold the Christmas pudding, there’s only seconds to come up with an answer and beat the random timer. If you can think of an answer and block out the Jingle Bells tune then you should be safe from the dreaded burp.

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221B Baker Street

Get your magnifying glass and smoking pipes out, it’s time to turn to detective mode this Christmas. The sharper your wit and crime-solving clues, the more chance you have to beat off your mystery intrigued family.

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If you’re a family who aren’t the quiet puzzle-type creatures, then Linkee is your perfect match. Get ready to shout out the answers against your opponents in the game where boxing gloves are replaced with pencils and alphabet letters and things tend to get a teensy bit competitive.

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What do you meme?

Meme lovers rejoice. If your great Nan starts nattering about Brexit in the living room after Christmas lunch and things take an awkward turn, this is the game to save everything. Where there’s a meme, there’s a way.

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Santa Banter

Santa has got all the banter, don’t you know? In a game that puts your English GSCE skills to the test, you have to find the rhyme in time, become a poet when you didn’t know it and solve the Christmas riddles to become the winner.

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Ding It

After a few drinks and an alcoholic mood that could definitely be described as merry, this game starts to get very interesting. This quick-fire game prohibits players from stalling, repeating answers and saying yes or no. Hard for the sober ones, impossible for the tipsy family members.

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The Logo Board Game

Do you know what colour the Y is in the ebay logo? And what animal is on a Foster’s can? Well, if you had to think long and hard for the answers, then this is a great game for the whole family to rack their brains over.

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Santa VS Jesus

In a Christmas showdown you probably never thought you would be a part of, Santa VS Jesus has arrived. The game where you have to choose between the bearded man and the Holy man and fight it out in a series of puzzles, riddles and festive jigsaws. Blasphemy is strictly prohibited.

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Inflatable Reindeer Antler Ring Toss

Every Christmas has to have a gimmicky game or two and here to save the day this year is this Inflatable Reindeer antler ring toss. Lasso your rings like a true festive American cowboy.

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Pictionary Air

Pictionary just got a 21st Century upgrade. Download the Pictionary Air app to your smartphone or tablet and point the illustrator wand at the camera Harry Potter style and draw away.

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Very British Problems

Being British can be problematic at times. We constantly apologise for things we don’t need to, we have a very strict tube etiquette and we practically invented the word awkward.  In this hypothetical game, you and your family can come up with the most British responses to life’s burning questions.

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Pie Face Showdown

Don’t get pied off this Christmas. Avoid the dreaded pie in the face in this interactive showdown game. Go head to head against your siblings, cousins, mothers and brothers and get ready for a fight to the death.

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The Voting Game

Definitely a Christmas game for after the kids have gone to bed. The voting game will test your relationships with your loved ones, but it’s guaranteed to be a laugh…even if an argument does follow.

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The game that will most definitely end in a fight, if not someone will get bored before the end and you’ll pack up all of your hard work. But hey, how could we not include this National treasure in our favourite Christmas games guide, after all, we love to hate it.

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