Fake it ’til you make it! Unless you’re talking about Christmas trees, because the real thing is always better. Genuine fir evergreens are far superior to your thread-bare plastic throw away jobbie. What’s more, it’s arguably better for the environment to enjoy a locally grown organic tree than it is to wheel out a coal-fired, oil burning, 10,000 year shelf-life plastic tree. Your only question is ‘where can I find one?’, and you asked the right person because here are the top places you can buy tree-mendous Christmas pines in London… the only problem now  is how will you get the angel on top?

The Christmas Forest

It really is the most wonderful time of the year for The Christmas Forest. Arguably, one of London’s most sought after treetailers this sustainable Christmas tree store has all kind of shapes and sizes of real fir trees. If you can squeeze it in anywhere, their 12ft Xmas trees will bring all of your NYC Rockefeller tree dreams to life.

Where: Multiple London Locations
Website: www.christmasforest.co.uk

The Chelsea Gardener

From ornaments to decorations to garlands and wreaths, The Chelsea Gardener really have Christmas covered to a T(R)ee this year. So, it’s only right that they would be the ones to fulfil our real Christmas tree dreams. You even get to handpick your fresh greenery, so no wonky dodgy trees will end up in your living room this festive season.

Where: 125 Sydney Street, London, SW3 6NR
Website: www.chelseagardener.com

John Lewis & Partners

If John Lewis’ Edgar the dragon made your heart melt then you can pick up a soft cuddly dragon toy and also add a real tree to your online basket. Yep, our favourite department store has Christmas covered from our festive green centrepieces to our cute dragon presents which are definitely for us, not the kids.

Shop your real John Lewis tree here

Where: Multiple London Locations
Website: www.johnlewis.com

The Boma Garden Centre

If like me, you have no idea what the difference between a Fraser fir tree and a Nordmann fir tree are, then The Boma Garden Centre is the place to head. The Christmas tree connoisseurs will tell you the needle retention for each tree plus what shape to get to suit your home. Christmas trees will never JUST be Christmas trees again.

Where: 51 - 53 Islip Street, Kentish Town, London, NW5 2DL
Website: www.bomagardencentre.co.uk

Clifton Nurseries

Apparently there are premium real Christmas trees and Clifton Nurseries has got em. Yep, we are hoping these real fir trees are so premium that even the Queen would be jealous of our Christmas evergreens.

Where: 5A Clifton Villas, Little Venice, London W9 2PH
Website: www.clifton.co.uk

Pines and Needles

Probably the best Christmas tree you could get for your office as not only is it delivered straight to your door, Pines and Needles’ delivery team even come dressed in kilts to hand-deliver your tree. This will be the talk of the office for a few weeks…

Where: Multiple London Locations
Website: www.pinesandneedles.com

Battersea Flower Station

Spruce up your Christmas (literally) with a real tree from Battersea Flower station. With so much tree choice from non-drop needle Nordmann Firs to authentic Norway Pines, to 3ft trees to 8ft trees, you will have to um and ah for a solid half an hour before you make your final tree choice.

Where: 16 Winders Rd, Battersea, London SW11 3HE
Website: www.batterseaflowerstation.co.uk


You can do it when you B&Q it never felt more appropriate for Christmas. Yep, the less rustic hipster choice for a real tree but hey, it’s good for the environment and if you can bear fighting off shoppers then your perfect real tree awaits.

Where: Multiple London Locations
Website: www.diy.com

Capital Christmas Trees

No more embarrassing Ross-type PIVOT! scenes for you in the carpark with your family, Capital Christmas trees are on hand to help attach your fir tree to your car so you have one less Christmas stress…and family argument.

Where: Multiple London Locations
Website: www.capitalchristmastrees.co.uk

Mistletoe & Pine

We know fir-sure any Mistletoe & Pine tree will be the ultimate centrepiece of your living room this festive season. With home delivery or a pick-up service from 6 of their London locations, buying a real tree has never been easier.

Where: Multiple London Locations
Website: www.mistletoeandpine.co.uk

Bramble and Willow

Our fellow Wandsworth neighbours Bramble and Willow are pulling out all the stops for Christmas from real trees, to Christmas flowers and wreaths. Just don’t ruin your beautiful trees with a Buddy the elf moment.

Where: 545 Old York Road Wandsworth Town London SW18 1TQ
Website: www.brambleandwillow.com