We’ve all been there; 7am, donning the activewear, desperately trying to conjure up an ounce of motivation to make you actually put on your trainers and head to the gym / park / spinning class / <insert alternative tiring activity here>. There you are, aiming to bring back that beach bod you probably didn’t achieve over Christmas, and kicking yourself into a productive day but in reality, seven minutes into the jog you’re already walking and on your way to pick up a morning latté. There’s a solution.

Fitness apps claim to solve this lethargy; inspiring, motivating and result-achieving, and the list of fitness apps on offer is ever growing. But aren’t they all just a bit of a fad? To find out, I’ve taken (the plunge) to the gym to give you my down-low on the download, so here’s the skinny: my six best fitness apps that actually might slightly enhance your sweaty awakening.

Nike+ Run Club

The mother of all fitness apps, it often seems that everyone, literally everyone, has downloaded this app. Not just because it’s free. If you’re looking to simply survive that 20 minute jog, train for your next park run or to hit a new marathon record, this app is what you need. The Nike + Run Club app customises your training plan based on your current pace, the furthest distance you can run, and how keen you are. Taking all this into account (and of course all those missed runs) it sets a genuinely reasonable, reachable personal goal.

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Workout For Women

This describes itself as the app for those women who want their workouts quick, dirty and 100% free. Focusing on strength building and cardio, this app offers seven-minute workouts, meaning it’s great for those of us who only have a few minutes to spare here and there. Think butt kicks, squat jumps, planking and crunches; after these 7 minutes of hell (or heaven) your endorphins will be sky rocketing and you will be a woman ready to take on the world.

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A subscription based app that is very personal indeed. You simply tell Sworkit what type of workout you’re hankering (bold word I know) after, how much time you have to do it and the app conjures up the moves needed to work up a satisfying sweat. With a huge range, you can be doing a five min yoga sesh or an hour of cardio, this app really is the definition of bespoke fitness.

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Daily Yoga

For those of us who don’t always feel the need to smash out a whole load of squat thrusts and press ups, this app instead offers yoga masterclasses as an alternative way to keep fit. Perfect as an introduction to the yogi lifestyle, it will quickly teach you your cobra from your downward dog. Whether you want to burn, tone or simply stretch, it’s very straightforward as each session is categorised according to the body part you want to focus says it will ‘better you in just two weeks’. Worth a try at any rate.

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Despite the dubiously uncouth name, this app is the masterpiece of the world’s biggest female fitness community. Devised by three famous fitness fanatics, Kayla Itsines, Kelsey Wells and Sjana Earp, Sweat provides flexibility, variety and support. You choose the trainer you want to be inspired by, and then follow their plan and wait for the results. There’s a huge variety – from post-pregnancy yoga to weight training. Despite the (potentially) eye watering price, this one really is worth the dollar and the emphasis on flexibility means you can even tailor your own financial plan.

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Freeletics Body Weight

If, like me, the idea of paying for a fitness app fills you with horror, the free version of Freeletics Body Weight is a good place to start. The app boasts over nine hundred equipment-free workouts. Rather than being based on reps, each workout is determined by the time you want to spend getting sweaty. Forget mundane repetition, these workouts are hugely varied – you can chose from HIIT sessions to strength and conditioning to a 30 min cardio workout.

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