Celebrate World Animal Day… By Eating Them Here

Celebrate World Animal Day… By Eating Them Here

It’s World Animal Day today, so we’ve decided to take the initiative and round-up some of our favourite places to eat them. Whether you’re jumping to eat some rabbit, or if you’re after a chicken that isn’t foul, we’ve got all of the udderly best animal-feasting restaurant’s for you at our fingertips that you shouldn’t be sheepish to try. And trust us, there are some weird and wonderful places serving up the most outlandish of animal dishes. From crocodile steaks at Shaku Zulu to get your teeth into… to

The Rex Whistler

What: For Grouse...

A decent game dinner is an art form, and who would know art better than Tate Britain? Head to The Rex Whistler, in the famed gallery, for Head Chef Alfio Laudani’s grouse dish to celebrate this remarkable bird. Traditionally roasted, the grouse is accompanied by game chips, red currants, bread sauce, red cabbage and reform sauce. Accompany the bird with wine from the restaurant’s award-winning cellar, Head Sommelier Gustavo Medina suggests a curveball Lebanese wine as the perfect compliment, a 2011  Chateau Musar, Gaston Hochar in the Bekaa Valley.

Where: The Rex Whistler at Tate Britain, Milbank, SW1P 4JU

Website: www.tate.org.uk

Shaka Zulu

Kentish Town West (0.3 miles)

What: For Crocodile...

Shaka Zulu has always been renowned for the weird and whacky dishes it serves up, making it the perfect spot to Shaka your way to and try crocodile. Positioned on the Shield menu lies crocodile cigars with finely diced crocodile loin, sun blushed tomato and harissa tomato. If this doesn’t croc your world however, there’s grilled crocodile with red wine jus on the mains menu!

Where: Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH, United Kingdom

Website: www.shaka-zulu.com

Jugged Hare

What: For Squirrel...

Let’s leave grouse and pheasant to the poshos, the real leveller has got to be squirrel. And now Nutkins and his chums have made the leap from London’s trees and parks onto the plate courtesy of the Jugged Hare. Gorge on squirrel croquettes, served with hazelnut mayo, or squirrel pie with braised leg and shoulder, oak smoked celeriac, Savoy cabbage and hazelnut jus. Alongside more traditional game options, the squirrel even extends to the gin, with one of the oddest drinks we’ve come across yet, squirrel gin. No questions asked, just order it.

Where: 49 Chiswell Street, EC1Y 4SA

Website: www.thejuggedhare.com


What: For A Little of Everything...

Like Shaka, Archipelago also has croc on the menu! However, if you’re only of these people that shouts at the TV during I’m A Celebrity, convinced you can combat the bug eating challenge, then get yourself down to this restaurant to feast on pan fried chermoula crickets, quinoa, spinach and dried fruit partnered with love bug salad! Or enjoy Durban “Bunny Chow” with moong bean & lentil Indian curry and green mango atcha. It’s certainly a place for those whose eyes are braver than their bellies…

Where: 53 Cleveland Street, Fitzrovia, W1T 4JJ

Website: www.archipelago-restaurant.co.uk

F. Cooke's

What: r-Eelly nice, honest...

Jellied eels, even the very name has a stomach churning effect, but it’s a historic London dish nevertheless. And if you’re going to do the jellied eel thing properly, you must head to F. Cooke’s  in Hackney’s Broadway Market. The market cafe (and it’s definitely a ‘caff’ and not a ‘café’) has been serving the stuff for generations.

Where: 9 Broadway Market, Hackney, E8 4PH

Website: www.facebook.com/fcookes

Smith & Wollensky

London Charing Cross (0.1 miles)

What: For Cow...

Smith & Wollensky started off in America, before moving across the pond to set up shop in the Adelphi Building. On the menu are USDA prime dry-aged steaks including Kansas City cut bone in-sirloin and T-bone. Other cuts include premium Irish fillet mignon charbroiled and a 1kg Tomahawk steak. If you can, finish with the gigantic chocolate cake. Then roll home.

Where: The Adelphi, 1-11 John Adam Street, Covent Garden Riverside, London WC2N 6HT, United Kingdom

Website: www.smithandwollensky.co.uk


How do you like your eggs in the morning? If the answer is ‘f**king massive mate’ then you’ve come to the right place. Florentine offer visitors the biggest English breakfasts in London, not because their chickens are on more steroids than a Russian discus thrower, but because they’ve got ostriches laying them! The Waterloo restaurant serves the humongous eggs as part of quite possibly the ultimate breakfast in town (an osterich egg is approx 24 times the size of a normal egg!).

Where: 6 Hercules Road, Waterloo, SE1 7DU

Website: www.florentinerestaurant.co.uk

The Jones Family Project Restaurant & Bar

Old Street (0.2 miles)

What: For Yet More Cow...

If you find yourself over in Shoreditch and in need of a steak then head to the Jones Family Project. All their meat comes from Ginger Pig in Levisham North Yorkshire and other farmers that they trust, it’s then aged for a minimum of 28 days before it’s cooked on a Josper grill. You can choose between fillet, sirloin, rib eye and bone in prime ribs to share. And whilst we all know steak and red wine are a winning combination, their cocktails are pretty great too, so make sure you order at least one whilst you’re there.

Where: 78 Great Eastern Street Shoreditch EC2A 3JL

Website: www.jonesfamilyproject.co.uk

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