Sweets are a staple favourite of everyone’s ‘treat’ diet, as they remind us of our childhood, a much simpler time when ugly words like ‘taxes’ and ‘wrinkles’ didn’t exist. So it’s no surprise that sweets excite adults, just as much as they do a sugar-craving five year old. Plus, let it be known that we would happily push said five year old out of the way if they were about to get their hands on the last fizzy cola bottle (don’t judge, you know you would do the same). Why not give into your confectionery cravings and check out our list of London’s best sweetshops below…

Mast Brothers

OK so it isn’t sweets, but Mast Brothers is artisan chocolate at its finest. For those who are happy to splash a little extra cash in the name of a good chocolate fix, then you just have to get your hands on the Mast Signature Collection; sitting in a sleek and ominous black box, the 12 chocolate bars would make for the ideal Christmas pressie for anyone with a sweet tooth. Or, nip into the Shoreditch shop to pick up some hand crafted confectionary and marvel at the beautiful packaging. The ethos is pretty simple; delicious and organic ingredients are magically concocted to bring you moreish confectionary. Thanks us later!

Photo credit: The Scout Mag

Where: 19-29 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, E2 7DJ
Website: www.mastbrothers.com

Sugar Sin

We’re not surprised this sweet shop is called Sugar Sin, what with the delectable goodies found inside it’d be a sin not to indulge! There’s a huge array of pick n mix on offer, alongside vegan offerings too and seeing ’tis the season you can get your hands on a hamper filled with the receivers fave sweeties. If you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the sweet world, you would’ve seen rose and Prosecco gummies are the new Candy Kittens (SORRY, we said it!) and Sugar Sin are awash with the tasty snacks. Sugar Sin, you’re pretty sweet!

Where: 1 Russell Street, London WC2B 5JD
Website: www.sugarsin.co.uk

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

If you’re looking for a stroke of the traditional, Hoxton Street Monster Supplies are where it’s at having been established in 1818. Priding themselves on being London’s, and quite possibly the world’s, only purveyor of “quality goods for monsters of every kind,” the shop clearly boasts a sensational humour, inviting Vampires, Werewolf’s, Sasquatch’s and more along to roam the shelves of goodies. Not to fear however, humans are also welcome to enjoy bags of Brain Food (strawberry bon bons) and breath remedies for zombies (mint imperials) and much more where that came from!

Where: 159 Hoxton Street, N1 6PJ. Overground: Hoxton
Website: www.monstersupplies.org

Mr Humbug

Does floor-to-ceiling jars of retro sweets sound like you’re idea of heaven? If so, head on down to Mr Humbug in Greenwich, which is stocked full of sweets from a bygone era that you thought were long forgotten. With a range including white chocolate mice, coca cola bottles and acid drops, you’ll definitely be left feeling like a kid in some kind of  store…

Where: 12 Greenwich Market, Greenwich, SE10 9HZ
Website: www.mrhumbug.com

Hope and Greenwood

This quaint store is classically British and ran by a couple that you might recognise from the BBC’s ‘Sweets Made Simple’. The sweets are quintessentially British, with one range even being themed around Afternoon Tea. All of these sugary snacks come packaged in vintage jars, so this place is truly a treat for the eyes, as well as the taste buds. Plus, recently they’ve given everyone’s favourite fudge a super-duper makeover with a chic and playful spin. Again, for those who prefer unwrapping sweets than finding an orange in their stocking, H&G are the ones!

Where: 1 Russell Street, Covent Garden, WC2B 5JD
Website: www.hopeandgreenwood.co.uk

Hardys Sweets

Unfortunately not owned by Tom Hardy, but a classic all the same, Hardys is a staple when it comes to confectionary. Think classic sweets, so jars upon jars of gobstoppers, flying saucers, rhubarb and custards and cola bottles. So, if you were a sucker for a penny chew, here’s the one for you!

Where: Across Various London Locations
Website: www.hardyssweets.co.uk


The flagship store for this kooky ‘cake bakers and joy makers’ is in Brighton, but thank the confectionary Gods, as they also have a London location. Known for their outstanding window displays and a top-secret ingredient that allows them to mould their product like clay, resulting in chocolate animals, like butterflies and frogs, this place truly is a fantasy straight from the mind of Willy Wonka.

Where: 27 Shorts Gardens, Seven Dials, London WC2H 9AP
Website: www.choccywoccydoodah.com

Suck and Chew

A rather intriguing name, Suck and Chew describe themselves as the purveyors of traditional and vintage sweets it’s no surprise to see retro decorations amidst the glass jars of sugary snacks that lines the wall. With a fantastic ‘try before you buy’ policy, this Bethnal Green sweet shop wishes to transfer you back in time to the days when there was nothing better than the lure of a free range in a sweet shop, get anything from marshmallows and bonbons to truffles and liquorice.

Where: 130 Columbia Road, Bethnal Green, E2 7RG
Website: www.suckandchew.co.uk