Ah, Christmas we love you. We love the festivities and most importantly we love the food. But 24 hours of exclusively eating Christmas foods can seem a bit, well, overkill. But our favourite YouTubers are putting this challenge to the test and eating only festive-themed foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The likes of Saffron Barker, Anastasia Kingsnorth and Grace Booth are taking on the challenge, and while it seems a little unnecessary, we are intrigued. Is it possible to eat only Christmas food for 24 hours? Would you start growing Brussel sprouts for ears? How many things can you wrap in bacon to pass it off as Christmassy? And where are these YouTubers even buying all these festive-themed foods?

Well, if this trend has intrigued you or you just feel hungry at the thought, here are our takes on this influencer trend and where to find your Christmas breakfast, lunch and dinner fixes.


How do you like your eggs in the morning? These YouTubers clearly like their’s Christmas-style.

Even the novelty Christmas foods have made their way into our first meals of the day but some are rather…questionable. Tropicana has banged a snowflake onto their OJ cartons and passed it off as Christmas juice and as Saffron Barker found out, M&S have got a festive mulled wine juice that apparently tastes just like bog-standard apple and raspberry…hmm, suspicious.

However, there are some fun and festive additions to our early morning start, from Asda’s Christmas tree crumpets to Costa Terry’s orange choc muffins and Twining’s gingerbread green tea.

Costa Terry's Chocolate Orange Muffin £2.25
Asda Christmas Tree Crumpets £1.00
Waitrose Twinings Gingerbread Green Tea £2.75


Lunch brings a cornucopia of festive delights when it comes to unnecessary festive foods. While Saffron opts for Amazon bought Christmas tree-shaped pasta, Anastasia goes for the pimped out Tesco meal deal and Jed Barker opts for a festive KFC burger.

We can’t lie, lunch options were far better than breakfast but they all seemed a bit meaty and carby. That said, that’s really what Christmas is all about, no?

For more run of the mill lunch alternatives, there’s plenty to choose from. Britain’s beloved meal deal has had a festive refresh – you’ll find everything from Waitrose’s cheese & bacon sausage rolls to Pret’s turkey and ham soup.

Tesco Turkey & Trimmings Sandwich £2.50
Pret Christmas Turkey & Ham Soup £3.80
Waitrose Christmas Bacon & Cheese Sausage Rolls £5.00


The novelty of 24 hours of Christmas food starts to wear off at dinner time, I mean how many more meals can there be with turkey, bacon and sprouts?!

But here comes my personal favourite novelty food piece from the entire challenge videos… Christmas potato shapes. Bringing back all of our school-dinner nostalgia, but with a Christmas upgrade, this is our dream tea accompaniment. Who says novelty isn’t fun.

Grace Booth’s vegan chickpea and cranberry wellington was a welcome alternative to all the meat feasts on offer and actually looked pretty damn tasty. And our favourite chicken chain Nandos even launched Peri-Peri gravy to complete our winner winner chicken dinners.

Tesco Christmas Potato Shapes £1.00
ASDA Chickpea and Cranberry Wellington £3.00
Nandos Chicken Gravy £1.25


Novelty snacks are EVERYWHERE. From Halloween to Christmas to Easter, we can always rely on our local shops to stock a themed knick-knack, so these were not in shortage. But finding the really good ones is the real essence of this challenge and is the stuff that keeps all of us up at night.

From pigs in blankets Pringles to Waitrose’s turkey and stuffing tortilla chips and Jacobs’ Treeslets, crisps will always be a safe novelty snack item.

Chocolate and sweet treats have to have that extra special magic to do well amongst us Brits and Cadbury’s always delivers. Their snowy chocolate fingers and mini snowballs are so good that even The Grinch would love them.

Waitrose Cadbury Mini Snow Balls £1.00
Waitrose Christmas Turkey & Stuffing Tortilla Chips £1.50
Krispy Kreme Christmas Doughnut Sharer Dozen £12.45

All in all, this challenge was slightly outrageous and at times very wacky but actually it made for pleasurable viewing. Exploring what we could eat if we did our own challenge was probably the most fun part (sorry Influencers).

We learnt a lot about festive advertising (Tropicana we are looking at you) and how whacking on the title Christmas to coffee, doesn’t make it anymore seasonal. But a little Brussel sprout trending overload and a silly challenge is waaaay better than some of the Youtube scandals and trends we’ve seen. Very repetitive, yes. Bored by dinner, yes. But very festive, check.