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The Handbook

With gyms now temporarily closed for the foreseeable, many of us are turning our hand to working out at home as a solution. Although we’re all lusting over the latest fitness equipment, the majority of us live in the real world and can’t afford to be dropping £3,000 on a new treadmill, but to help you keep up your fitness game, we’ve scoured the web to find the best gym worthy equipment for the home.


Ah yes, the abdominals. It’s the area that we’re all most conscious about but it’s also the one that needs needs the most work to be put in to actually see the results. If you’re looking for a seriously strong core and to see increase muscle activation, the AB Carver Pro Roller is your guy. The roller is designed to help increase results quick and effectively. 

Of course, we’re all fully aware of the gym exercise ball but are you utilising it? The ball doesn’t just help work to maximise your core stability, it also helps with strengthening your back, spine and muscle balance. They also help keep the kids entertained for hours when they’re roaming around bored. Another piece of equipment that doesn’t just help activate your core muscles is the TRX Go Gym trainer. They’re lightweight too which literally means you bust them out anywhere on-the-go. You’ll be feeling like a lean machine in no time. Ab Carver Pro Roller £38.44 Core Balance Gym Ball £9.99 TRX Go Gym £79.95


When you’re in a fitness frenzy, your worst fear is your friend commenting ‘did you skip leg day?’ on your latest Insta post. To avoid you the social embarrassment, we’d recommend getting your hands on some agility hurdles. Nip off to your nearest park and relish in your childhood footballer dreams as you work out your carves. Just prepare for some light dizziness from changing direction numerous times! 

Of course, we’d totally be recommending you just head on out into the open air and cycle your day away, but if you haven’t got the time to channel your inner Eddy Merckx, opt for an indoor exercise bike instead. These vary in price but you can pick them up for under £100 if you’re not fussy on the style, and obviously it’s a great cardio workout too. Winner winner! And, you can just use your nearest step too but if you’re looking to up your game opt for a stylish stepper that’ll see you doing everything from lunging to jumping, stepping to straddling. Agility Hurdles £21.99 KUOKEL Indoor Exercise Bike £109.99 Reebok Step £69.58


Pump your guns with a little help from the dumbbell. No, we aren’t saying you need to be turning into the next bodybuilder champion but it’s worth building up your arm strength so you aren’t struggling to carry your shopping up your two flights of stairs into your apartment… These Gallant Neoprene hand weights are great for those starting out (I even have a set at home for myself so I really do swear by them). Of course, toning up your muscles is great but here to help knock away your bingo wings is the Powerball Powerspin. Ten minutes of shaking this one each day and you’ll be waving goodbye to those unwanted bingo wings. 

You might recognise these from your last pilates class but the resistance band is soon to become your new workout best friend. These long ol’ strings of rubber are great for strengthening your arm, back, ab and leg muscles. Not forgetting that they’re also super handy for on-the-go workouts too. Gallant Neoprene Hand Weights £16.99 Coresteady Resistance Band £4.49 Powerball Powerspin £22.99


At home gym equipment is all about investment, and unfortunately at times, that means it’ll be rather expensive. Investing in a solid treadmill is one of those issues. If you don’t fancy braving the cold, or fancy going at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, the treadmill is the perfect alternative to that. They aren’t pretty and they’re definitely expensive but trust us, you’ll be reaping up the benefits for years to come. Or, if you are going big, opt for a trusty rowing machine too. Expect to be burning calories whilst also building up and maximising muscle growth. 

Busting out your old skipping rope isn’t just for your kids, and you’ll be glad to know this one’s a little more affordable! The childhood staple is also a serious cardio staple that’s super easy to use and well, you know how the rest works… Gritin Skipping Rope £6.59
John Lewis NordicTrack C990 2018 £1,049 MAXXUS 7.4 Rowing Machine £479.74

Every House Staple

One thing we’re constantly armed with and swear by (seriously we have one in the office!) is a classic ol’ foam roller. These are essential for relaxing muscle tension and will rid you of any soreness or inflammation. Just a couple of minutes rolling and you’ll already feel the difference. Arming yourself with a trusty yoga mat is also essential. It’s not only great for cracking out the downward dog but it provides a little support for those all important planks. 

Although it’s not technically gym equipment, I can’t live without my Chilly bottle when I’m working out. It’s vacuum installed and 100% leak-proof too. Oh, and there’s a whole load of seriously cute designs and colours which will make you look even more adorbs when you work up a sweat.

John Lewis M Life Linen 5mm Yoga Mat £42 Core Balance Foam Roller £9.99
John Lewis Chilly's Vacuum Insulated Leak-Proof Drinks Bottle £20

Go the extra mile and splash some cash at one of these luxury gyms.