Fondue, the cheese lover’s dream. It’s a simple dish, but one that is so decadently indulgent that we often reserve it for cold days in the Alps. Well let’s change that, we don’t need to be skiing and we don’t need cold weather to eat fondue, all we need is a fork, some bread and a big bowl of molten cheese. Here are eight restaurants that will give you just that all the time:


Heritage has been causing up a bit of a fuss becoming a new favourite for food critics, influencers and city dwellers alike. And, who can blame them?! They serve up the finest fondue in all of the city.  Play it simple with their ‘Moitie-Moitie’, their special house blend of gruyere and raclette, artisan breads, potatoes and pickles, or dive into their meaty version with Fourme d’ambert, sliced beef fillet, house made sausage, grilled pork belly and pickles. 

Where: 18-20 Rupert Street, Soho, W1D 6DF


Alpes might be known for its raclette, it is the work of the Raclette brothers after all, but they’ve also got two fondues on the menu, both of which include unlimited bread and pickles, because no one wants to run out of cheese and carbs. Choose from the fondue savoyarde and the Lincolnshire fondue made with Lincolnshire Poacher, gruyere and raclette.

Where: 49 Brixton Station Road, Brixton, SW9 8PQ

St Moritz

You can’t have a list of the best fondues and not include St Moritz, they are, after all, the oldest Swiss restaurant in the capital and we’ve the Swiss to thank for making for making fondue so popular. Having opened back in 1974 they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their fondue and you’ll find eight on the menu including fondue bourguignonne served with beef and sauces and fondue chinoise, which you crack a raw egg into.

Where: 161 Wardour Street, Soho, W1F 8WJ

La Fromagerie Marylebone

Fondue Fridays are a thing, or they are at cheese and wine shop La Fromagerie in Marylebone. Each Friday they kick off the weekend with a night of cheese, wine and small plates, one of which just so happens to be a fondue. And if you’re feeling particularly fancy then alongside the potatoes and bread you can choose to add a little black truffle. Here’s to the freaking weekend.

Where: 2 - 6 Moxon Street, Marylebone W1U 4EW

Le Vieux Comptoir

Originating from the Savoie region in the heart of the French Alps, Fondue Savoyarde, is the sort of hearty food that you need after a long day on the slopes. Le Vieux Comptoir in Marylebone, may be a far cry from the Alps and it’s unlikely that you’ll have been skiing that morning, but still that’s no reason not to stuff yourself silly with their rich Fondue Savoyarde. After all, we need some sustenance to tackle the grey and dreary streets of London in winter.

Where: 26/28 Moxon Street, Marylebone, W1U 4EU

The Cheese Bar

It doesn’t get much more cheesy than the The Cheese Bar. London’s dedicated cheese restaurant champions British cheese, you’ll find it in every dish, from their Baronet tartiflette and their five cheese macaroni to the London burrata. When it comes to their molten cheese fondue, you’ll find three English cheeses: Ogleshield, Doddington, Mayfield and one Irish cheese, Coolea. You’ll find it served with rosemary potatoes, bread and pickles and you can add in chipolatas too.

Where: Camden Stables Market, Camden, NW1 8AH

Champagne + Fromage Covent Garden

Cheese connoisseurs, Champagne + Fromage, have a whole section dedicated to melted cheese but right now we only have eyes for the fondue. They’re offering a whole baked Mont D’or with garlic and champagne, served with charcuterie, potatoes, bread and salad. All that’s left is to order a bottle of Champagne to accompany it.

Where: 22 Wellington Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 7DD


When it comes to fondue, it’s not one cheese fits all. Let’s not forget that sweet fondues exist too and repping the sugar corner is Tramshed with their utterly indulgent salted caramel fondue. Sure, you’ve probably already over done it on chicken dripping chips and steak, but everyone knows that your pudding stomach is separate and that it is waiting to be filled with doughnuts and marshmallows that have been dunked in salted caramel.

Where: 32 Rivington Street, London, EC2A 3LX, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Old Street (0.3 miles)