Without doubt, one of the (many) highlights of our job is the ability to jet off to lands far-and-wide in order to experience the culture, do the occasional bit of wining and dining, and take enough Instas to keep our accounts ticking over for about a year. Whether we’re off to sun ourselves silly in Ibiza or trek across mountainous terrains in Canada, we can ensure at least one insanely jealous friend among our friendship groups weekly. However, one thing not to be jealous of is the constant battle to pack a suitcase that, for once, doesn’t actually involve the kitchen sink. I personally have fallen victim many a time to the extra charge of having a case ridiculously (and embarrassingly) over the given weight allowance.

However, as seasoned travellers, we know all-too-well we need to be upping our packing game and so the office have got their holiday-heads together, in order to come up with our top packing tips. Hopefully after reading this, you’ll be on the case… (geddit?)

Rid Yourself of Wrinkles

No, we’re not talking about the wrinkles on your face (or lack of). But rather the nose-wrinkling problem of wrinkled clothes. We’ve all been there; you arrive on your holiday, having purchased various items for the purposes of wining, dining and overall dazzling, only to arrive and find them more creased than an origami butterfly. Oops! To avoid this, you can place your easily-wrinkled clothes into dry cleaning bags and fold as normal. It’s helped us avoid the reception ring-down for an ironing board anyway!

Shower Cap Shoes

We walk around in our shoes all day long collecting mud like it’s going out of fashion and then suddenly when it comes to packing our suitcases we put our shoes straight in against our clothes, then we’re surprised when there’s a dirty big-foot mark on our favourite pair of boyfriend jeans. Nuh-huh thank you! To avoid, grab a shower cap (preferably not a nice one) and pop your shoes inside to avoid that dirt-disaster upon arrival. The downside? With the amount of shoes I pack, I’m gunna need a lot of shower caps.

Photo Credit: omgvoice.com

Have a Strategy

Globe-Trotter’s designer Charlotte Seddon says: “Pack your footwear first, and roll smaller items into them to keep the shape.” That’s items like your socks or pants, not your evening wear! Yep, strategy is key and those ready to jet-off should aim to squeeze things into nooks and crannies you didn’t even know existed. Make use of your suitcase’s various zip compartments in all of their glory.

Make It, Don't Break It

Try to make it to your destination without breaking your gadgets and racking up a bill bigger than the holiday itself! Use socks to pop your valuables inside, to avoid them breaking during travel. You might break the bank on cocktails, but you don’t need to be breaking anything else…

What Is Life Without Checklists?

In my days of getting caught out at the check-in with an over-flowing suitcase and my whole house packed inside, I was constantly just hurling in an extra dress here and another pair of sunglasses there, and before you know it you’re 20kg over and £1000 down, (I over-exaggerate so much). Which is why listing the items you actually NEED to take as opposed to want to is hugely beneficial. If you’re all about the app life, try Packing Pro.

The Digital Age

In this digital age we find ourselves in, gone are the days where you need to search for a library solely to use their printer. Nowadays we can punch a few flight references into our iPhone’s flight app and boarding pass is at the ready. Obviously keep your phone charged though on check-in to avoid a backlog of angry travellers.

Good Things Come In Small Packages

How to tackle your travel toiletries – the nightmare question that, no matter how many times I’ve frequented airports, I still cannot answer. I can however provide advice, (through gritted teeth and a whole host of annoyance) – the toiletry bag is so small! So pop to the shop and grab miniature versions of everything from shampoo to toothpaste – plus miniatures are super cute. Nothing made me smile more than seeing a Lynx spray the size of my hand. What’s more, hotels aren’t living in the dark ages and have toiletries available. For some reason when I pack, I assume the hotel hasn’t heard of soap and try to squash that in too. Cull on the amenities and use what the hotel has got on offer!

Rogue Return

Unless you’re re-locating, you’re going to have to return at some point…sigh. So a really beneficial thing to do is to think about your return packing situation whilst packing to go in the first place. Yep, it sounds like a whole lot of effort, but according to airport baggage handler Sanz: “There’s a method to my madness when it comes to packing for the return trip, bringing home laundry, and souvenirs. I usually use a Split Case, and what I’ll end up doing by the end of the trip is transferring anything that’s dirty (clothes, shoes, etc.) into one side of the case and keeping anything that’s unused on the other side. Plus, the expansion of our cases provides extra room for any new items you’ve picked up along the way”.