It’s become one of the biggest health and wellbeing buzzwords of the decade, but what’s CBD all about? Does it actually work or will the fad simply leave you high and dry – or even high at all?

CBD, or cannabinoids, are one of 100+ chemical compounds found in cannabis – no, not the type that will leave you bleary eyed and with a serious case of the munchies – but when extracted and mixed with a carrier oil can have some seriously soothing benefits, not just to your mood but your skin, too.

Enter HuGG, the brand that’s on many a beauty editors’ lips and Instagram feeds right now. What sets the brand apart is that they don’t just offer CBD in its orthodox form – drops that can be put under the tongue to soothe and unwind, support mood or help insomniacs, but they have launched a clever range of products from self-care helpers and beauty heroes to tea and coffee.

If you’re a CBD virgin, the best place to start is with the drops. Take one or two drops under the tongue and hold them there for at least 30 seconds so that the product can be absorb right into the bloodstream. Don’t worry, you’re not going to start seeing toadstools spring from the ground, the products don’t have psychoactive side effects. Some people find taking the drops in the morning will lift their mood and set them up for the day, while others reap the benefits before bedtime if counting sheep doesn’t cut it.

But it’s HuGG’s new beauty range that’s getting us really fired up. The range features luxury beauty products, from clarifying clay masks to nourishing body oils, all infused with high-quality CBD. The natural wonder ingredient is said to help with everything from redness to thirsty winter skin and help those with acne. Even if you don’t have a particular problem area, the products are gorgeous in their own right, blending together spa-like ingredients such as dead sea salts, watermelon extract and plenty of moisture-giving vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

Hero products include the clay mask – a winner of a stocking filler gift or an excuse for a Sunday pamper session, and the CBD bath salts that will help you unwind post-gym or at the end of a long day. And with products starting at just £6.99, it’s an easy way to add some spa-like indulgence to your beauty routine.

Shop the range below...

HuGG CBD Clay Face Mask £19.99
HuGG CBD Bath Salts £10.99
HuGG CBD Coffee Scrub £24.99
HuGG CBD Cuticle Oil £14.99
HuGG CBD Foot Soak £6.99
HuGG CBD Gym Fit Cream £22.99
HuGG CBD Infused Coffee £18.99
HuGG CBD Oil 350mg 24.99
HuGG CBD Infused Fruit Tea £18.99

Find out more about HuGG and shop the brand at


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