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London’s Best Wine And Cheese Joints

Man may be unable to live by bread alone, but throw in some wine and cheese and he could probably do just fine. Give us a bottle of fermented grapes and a plate of coagulated milk proteins and we are set for life, and where better to do it than at these unmissable London cheese and wine joints. And if you needed more of a reason then today is national cheese and wine day.

WC Clapham

Flush With Options

Public toilets and cheeseboards should never Venn. Ever. Except, that is, when you’re at Clapham Common and the public convenience is WC Wine and Charcuterie, in which case we’ll make an exception. The former underground loo block has been converted into a wine and charcuterie joint and once you’ve gotten your head around the fact this was a place of bodily function for a century before they started serving duck liver parfait and Somerset brie, it’s rather a delight. The wine list is half decent while the cheeses, served with sourdough, are a selection from the UK and Europe.

Where: Clapham Common South Side, Clapham, SW4 7AA

Vivat Bacchus

Very Nice Dionysus

A South African restaurant in the UK embracing the Roman name for a Greek goddess, whoever said that London wasn’t multicultural? Vivat Bacchus is celebrates great wine, meat and cheese at their Farringdon and London Bridge restaurants. Putting South African wines centre-stage, the restaurants serve cheeseboards of either British or French cheeses, or you can opt for a mix-and-match platter. Not to be outdone on the meat front, the burgers and steaks on offer are delicious and all washed down with Bacchanalian helpings of South African (or French) wines.

Where: 47 Farringdon Street, Holborn, EC4A 4LL

Gordon's Wine Bar

Get it GordON

Don’t wonder what’s dripping from the low vaulted ceilings into your wine glass, it’s probably condensed sweat from your fellow diners. But fear not, it’s all part of the Gordon’s Wine Bar experience. The subterranean wine and cheese bar not only has an enviable wine list, this is matched by a selection of cheeses that excite even more than they pong. The candlelit setting hasn’t really changed since it was established in 1890 by the Gordon family who still own and run the iconic hangout.

Where: 47 Villiers St, Embankment, WC2N 6NE


Bottomless Cheese and Charcuterie

What is the best accompaniment for cheese and wine? Charcuterie. They say three is a crowd, but we say three is a party. In this case a party in our mouths. At French bistro, TraTra, they serve up a bottomless cheese and charcuterie board. As soon as your board of saucisson, chorizo and andouille is done it gets replaced, all you need to do is order in the wine and settle in for the afternoon.

Where: Entrance In Redchurch Street 2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, E2 7dd

Champagne & Fromage

Champagne and Cheese

One way to let people know you’re the place to go for cheese and wine is by having it in your name. Champagne & Fromage, it does what it says on the tin. With bistros in Brixton, Covent Garden, Greenwich, Borough and soon Bath, the fromagerie sells more than 50 French cheeses from Comte and Brie to baked Camembert which you can have with honey and rosemary, black truffle, figs and thyme or pesto and sundried tomato. When it comes to drinks they have a vast selection of award-winning grower Champagnes, which you can buy to take home or sit down with a glass and their cheese afternoon tea.

Where: Various Across London

La Cave à Fromage

The World's 3rd Most Amazing Cheese Shop...Apparently

Stating that they have been deemed the 3rd most amazing cheese shop in the world, you’ll find La Cave à Fromage in South Kensington. Work in the area? Here’s an idea ditch the sandwich, ditch the salad you brought in from home and go all continental with a glass of wine, a lump of cheese and fresh bread for lunch. Life is for living after all.

Where: 24-25 Cromwell Place, South Kensington, SW7 2LD