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The Handbook

Gone are the days where stress was relieved by a hearty back massage and spa sesh. Now, we’ve got all sorts of quirky offerings from floating about in a tank for an hour to plummeting your body temperate to -110ºC. So, without further ado, here are various alternative therapies to open your minds to…

Float Tanks

For those with aquaphobia, or a fear of water if you will, look away now! Flotation tanks are a new experience taking London by storm (or wave, even) and whilst weird, they’re also weirdly intriguing. Basically, you lie in a tub of water, heated to around 35.5C, and float about for around an hour – phone-less and social media-less, might we add – and, in turn, you suppress feelings of stress and improve your sleep (although we highly discourage falling asleep in the tank).

Other advantages include speeding up rehabilitation and recovery. In fact, soldiers have been known to submerge themselves in flotation tanks to aid post-traumatic stress disorder and people with joint pain have indulged too. We can imagine it to be somewhat like a very expensive bath, without the bubbles, but worth it all the while. Whatever floats your tank and all that…

You can float yourself silly at London Floatworks and EMERGE.

Crystal Healing

Whilst Marvin Gaye was all about sexual healing, how about some crystal healing instead? Perhaps not as fun, but said to have some wild advantages including boosting positive energy! People are known to carry them around and use crystals to set intentions, so if you ever see someone popping a crystal in their pocket then chances are they’re trying to expel some form of black magic.

You can give it all a whirl at Buddha On A BicycleAbundantia Holistic Therapies and Crystal Healing by Sarah Jane

Sound Baths

Bubble baths, eat your heart out – we want a sound bath! As well as having lots of normal baths with plenty of bubble bath, you should also have a Sound Bath. Created by Sound Sebastien (Jasmine Hemsley and Toni Dicks) a Sound Bath is the ultimate relaxation, get cosy with blankets, silk eye masks filled with lavender, Tempur foam pillows and essential oils and then let the therapeutic tones of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls wash over you. Emerge from your meditative state, restored and calm. It’s time to turn up to turn off.

You can sound bath your ears off at the Crystal Sound Lounge, Sound Awakening, London Gong, and many more.


Who doesn’t love a sauna? They’re hot, they’re relaxing and sometimes they burn your bum, but that’s all by the by! SaiSei’s Cryotherapy has arrived to make your average gym sauna look totes oldschool with its immune boosting treatment. Cryotherapy works by using low and super cold temperates to lowers a person’s skin temperature during a session of up to 180 seconds, benefits then start to be obtained when you reach -110ºC or colder – brrr! However, despite it sounding like a total Frozen-esque nightmare, it’s actually super beneficial and refreshing all the same. The therapy helps with overall wellbeing, used for sports recovery, pain relief, slimming, toning and more. Baby, it’s not just cold outside!

You can try the mystery that is the cryosauna at LondonCryo and SaiSei Cryo who are offering 2 for 1 this Loneliness Awarness Week (starting 17th of June).


You can probably barely even pronounce this word let alone know which kind of weird and wonderful therapy it is! Reiki is essentially all to do with energy; an alternative medicine called ‘energy healing’ where the practitioner will use their palm to transfer universal energy to help emotional or physical healing. Basically, it’s like a handless back massage with some ghoulish qualities mixed in.

You can try Reiki at The Calmery

Laughter Therapy

Laughing, chuckling, sniggering, guffawing – whatever you call it, a good ol’ he, he, he makes everything better, and we should do more of it! Introducing laughing therapy, the way to improve health and general wellbeing by simply laughing! As long as you are willing to laugh you will get the psychological and physiological benefits of laughter, best enjoyed during a laughter yoga session. There are various classes spread across London, including Laughter Yoga that started in a park in Mumbai in 1995 with just 5 participants, years ago! So, if you think this sounds pretty fun(ny) then why not give it a shot…


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