Today is the day we celebrate one of the things we love the most: pasta. It’s the savoury staple food of Italian cuisine that we come home to after a Daniel Powter “bad day”, and the food we huddle around tables for with groups of friends over candle light, red wine and DOLMIO! With the first reference dating to 1154 in Sicily, it’s without a doubt pasta is part of our lives in a big way (whether you love it or you hate it!). So, from spaghetti to tagliatelle here are some of the best places to enjoy the much-adored dish, this World Pasta Day 2018!


Pasta With A Buzz

For a newly opened venue, Redchurch Townhouse, which houses Cecconi’s, has more of a buzz than an angry bee! Serving up pasta, seafood and chichetti, Cecconi’s is a place filled with post-work drinkers, suit-wearers and Birthday candles being blown out. Overall however, it seems like a real family dinner location, littered with alluring artwork and ideal for big overdue get-togethers where conversations call for raised voices over the hubbub of the other diners. Contributing to the atmosphere is great food and wine, which is plentiful at Cecconi’s. The menu is separated into cicchetti, pasta, wood oven pizza, carpaccio and tartare.

When there, we delved into the avocado and chickpea dip, which is presented like hummus with bread for dipping. It’s delicious, and nice and light before a more stodgy pasta dish (which is a total must-have). Pasta ranges from rotoli to paccheri with tomato and burrata, and whilst it’s not an extensive list, it’s clearly a well thought-through one. The food can be ideally washed down by a sumptuous glass of red, or an Aperol! And don’t forget to grab a shot of Limoncello at some point throughout the meal.

P.s. On a Sunday, you can opt for the Sunday Fest option. This includes pastas, pizzas, meatballs, roast meats and more for a fixed price.

Where: 58-60 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP


Vermouth-based Pasta?!

To celebrate the big day, Palatino have teamed up with MARTINI to create a dish totally outside the box. The vermouth-based pasta dish will come with a cocktail pairing, all courtesy of Chef Stevie Parle. The cocktail (Piedmontese Fizz), will use the same vermouth that goes into the dish. Alongside Bombay Sapphire Gin, fresh lemon, gimme syrup and a dash of absinthe, it’ll subtly give you the kick you need to finish off those extra few pasta bites.

The cocktail-paired dish will be available from Thursday 25th October until 10th November

Where: 71 Central Street, London EC1V 8AB, United Kingdom
Nearest station: Old Street (0.3 miles)


Passo The Pasta

Passo is a contemporary Italian restaurant that has a menu oozing with true Italian verve and flavour. The restaurant caters for 40 covers and fashions itself after the deli style, common in piazzas round Italy. To continue the casual, easy come easy go vibe, they have curated a selection of great dishes that can be taken away as well as eaten in. Whether you are looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, an express menu, or an artisan coffee on the go, Passo can cater for your needs.

Where: 80 City Road, EC1Y 2AS

La Mia Mamma

Mamma Mia!

La Mia Mamma keeps to its word when it says it’s going to deliver dishes true to Italian culture and tradition. La Mia Mamma rings out Italian tradition as strongly as if you picked up the “it’s your Dolmio day” family straight from the advert and placed them in a restaurant. Whilst some of us may think of bangers and mash or smiley potato faces when we cast our minds back to childhood food dishes, the founders of new Italian eatery La Mia Mamma have something else in mind. In a nod to the nostalgic, Peppe Corsaro, Corrado Mozzillo and Luca Maggiora (aka. the brains behind the business), have drawn on their passion to awaken childhood memories, in a bid to deliver to our plates the meals of their Mamma’s.

This World Pasta Day, the mammas are going to be on their pasta game, creating dishes that aren’t your typical “cacio e peppe” or “arrabiatta”. Instead they’ll be focusing more on the homemade, with dishes like Pesto di Pistacchi e ricotta; a creamy homemade pistachio pesto with ricotta, and Cavatelli con poodorini with all the Sicilian cheery tomato trimmings.

Where: 257 King's Road, Chelsea, SW3 5EL

Emilia's Pasta

Did Someone Say Free Pasta?

Today, there will be FREE PASTA, (yes really), for anyone who visits Emilia’s today; World Pasta Day! Guests will be able to choose from seven signature options, from golden ribbons of pappardelle to dishes including their creamy homemade basil pesto.

The small print:

The giveaway will take place at Emilia’s Crafted Pasta in St. Katharine Docks on 25th October, between 12-4pm and 5-10pm. Drinks, antipasti and desserts are not included, but will be available to purchase off the standard menu.

1 pasta dish per person per sitting – so yes, you can come for both lunch and dinner!

Walk in only, no bookings available so best to arrive quite early as it is likely to be busy and our restaurant is very small.

Subject to availability though they will do their best to have plenty of crafted pasta ready for you.

Where: C3, Ivory House, St Katharine Docks, St Katharine's & Wapping, E1W 1AT


Ciao Bella

The wonderfully Italian menu features starters like clams cooked in butter and grillo or the fried mozzarella, nduja and honey sandwich or sample the simple but effective heritage tomatoes and basil. For mains expect to gently up the carbs with Parle’s delectable pasta creations. Pasta dishes include grouse, rabbit and pork agnoli or why not try the crab, courgette, yellow tomato, marjoram, fusilli. Again, the simple option that will never disappoint is the wild mushroom tagliatelle with garlic and olive oil.

Italian favourites like Prosecco and Aperol slushies feature heavily on the drinks menu, and wine from lesser known Italian growers showcased by the restaurant.

Say ciao to Pastaio!

Where: 19 Ganton Street, Carnaby, W1F 9BN