Whether you are drowning your sorrows or toasting a new found love, you can always find comfort in a cocktail or two (three in our case). Finding inspiration from literary heroes,the chance to win a diamond or a love potion masked as a drink, here are five of the best cocktails London has to offer this Valentine’s Day: 

Diamonds are Forever at Gilgamesh

Order a cocktail, get a free diamond ring. That’s right; you can win a big old sparkler from award-winning jeweller Tresor Paris worth £600 just by ordering a Strawberry Martini at the Camden bar. The ring is available in either the white or rose 18 carat gold option and you can do with it as you wish, whether the romantic urge will overcome you and you find yourself on bended knee or you just want to make some quick cash on Ebay – we won’t judge. 14th February www.gilgameshbar.com

Bewitched Love at Metropolitan

Get bewitched at the COMO hotel with some Czech Wormwood vodka called Babicka (which means witch in Czech) as it casts an enchanting spell on you. Babickas freely used wormwood in their potions for its reputation of enhancing sensuality, creativity and love, not to mention its mildly hallucinating effects. *The Handbook is not responsible for the actions of those who drink this cocktail, which is a mix of homemade pomegranate syrup and citrus hints served in a Martini glass with heart shaped ice and a flower petal. 14th February www.comohotels.com 

Pride and Prejudice at Scarfes Bar

When it comes to love we could all learn a thing or two from Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy, you know looking past differences, not judging on first appearances that sort of thing – although let’s be honest we’d look past quite a lot for Mr Darcy. So it’s not surprising that as part of the  Scarfes Bar’s valentine’s cocktails they have named on Pride and Prejudice – served in a Champagne flute and made with PJ Rose, Fair Goji Liquer and Aphrodite Bitter. 14th February www.scarfesbar.com 

Pride and Prejudice 2



Look of Love at One Aldwych

Get your pulses racing with the four limited-edition Look of Love Champagne Cocktails that contrast of delicate fruity flavours – pear, wild berry and blueberry – with an appealing note of cranberry bitters, lemon bitters or rhubarb & ginger syrup. Whether you’re drowning your single sorrows or celebrating another smug Valentine’s with your other half, with 4 cocktails to choose from there’s sure to be one that tickles your fancy. 14th February www.onealdwych.com

Flirt at The Secret Rose Petal Bar

How are your flirting skills? Need a bit of brushing up or have you got the come hither eyes, hair flicking motion sorted? Either way a bit of Dutch courage in the form of a cocktail suitably called Flirt can’t go a miss can it? A mix of rose lemonade, homemade rosemary syrup and gin, you can get it at Christabel’s valentine’s pop-up bar, The Secret Rose Petal bar at BOXPARK. Just don’t have too many, a drunk mess however hot is not a good look. 13th February www.christabels.org