Our Guide to… Getting Battered

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Emily Gray by | Posted on 12th February 2015
Our Guide to… Getting Battered

No not that kind of battered, you don’t need a guide on where to get drunk. We’re talking pancake batter, obviously. Flip them, toss them, roll them in sugar or drown them in chocolate – pancakes are a wondrous thing. Yes, we may eat them more times than we care to admit when it comes to the weekend, but there is still something extra special about Pancake day/Shrove Tuesday/Fat Tuesday. As ever London has stepped up to the occasion: eating challenge, insane creations and unique flavours, here are some of the best places to get well and truly (pancake) battered:

Pure Indulgence at The Diner

It seems as if there is a pancake God and they’re answered our prayers because The Diner’s pancake offer is everything we could hope for, peanut butter, chocolate, strawberries, mountains of cream and cream cheese. Hmm mmm. Taking inspiration for our favourite cakes, sweets and biscuits they’ve created the Jaffa pan Cake, the Reeses Pancup, The Oreo Cookie Cake  and the Red Velvet Wonder. They’re also offering simple banana and blueberry pancakes, but how could you choose them over the others? Come on now. 17th – 22nd February www.goodlifediner.com

Where The Pancakes Are Pop-Up

‘Where The Pancakes Are’ is spreading the pancake love around a little longer this year so not only will you be able to get your carb fix on Tuesday but from 14th-22nd you February you can indulge in guilt free pancakes. Owner and self-taught cook Patricia has created slightly healthier than normal buttermilk pancakes made with an organic flour mix including buckwheat, duck-egg and dairy free waffles. Pick from a choice of maple, lime or elderflower syrup and berries or specials with poached kumquats and blood-orange cointreau cream. Savoury options are available too with the 1000 baby-greens with a lime & coriander plus loads more…it’s pancake heaven. 14th – 22nd February www.wherethepancakesare.com

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

Man Vs. Pancake at Plateau at Canary Wharf

To take part in the pancake eating at Plateau you need four things 1) a spare hour 2) a huge appetite 3) stamina and 4) an elasticated waistband. As you can probably guess this is because Plateau are holding their Man Vs. Pancake competition, it’s simple if you can eat 20, yes 20, pancakes covered in maple syrup and bacon in under an hour then you win a complimentary Saturday brunch with three courses and unlimited bubbles for two. You’ll probably want to book it in about a year when you’ve recovered. 17th February  www.plateau-restaurant.co.uk

Unique flavours at Parlour

If you’re looking to add a bit of excitement into you and your pancake’s relationship and are over lemon and sugar then Jesse Dunford Wood has just the thing for you at Parlour. Pancake flavours include Cold Russian – not actual Russians obviously, but diced salmon, shallots, capers and parsley or perhaps duck, beetroot and golden broccoli will take your fancy. Either way to finish there is a chocolate pancake cake – layers of pancake and chocolate ganache, lemon and sugar just can’t compete. 17th February www.parlourkensal.com

Free pancakes at Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel

If there’s one thing better than pancakes (and not much can beat them) it’s free pancakes; and not the shoddy homemade ones which always end up as doughy balls in the pan. We are talking about delicious, fresh crepes sans the money. Jumeirah Lowndes Hotel in Belgravia is offering complimentary pancakes at Lowndes Bar & Kitchen between between 7.30am and 10am – what better way to begin Shrove Tuesday? www.jumeirah.com


For those who don’t want pancakes: 

Mardi Gras at The Blues Kitchen

Did you know that the 17th Tuesday is not just Shrove Tuesday, it is also Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras? For those who don’t know it’s the culmination of carnival celebrations that starts on Epiphany and ends the day before Ash Wednesday and one place they go in big with the celebrations is New Orleans. So it’s no surprise then that The Blues Kitchen in Clapham are throwing a heck of a party with traditional Mardi Gras beads, feather boas, masks and free gumbo between 5-7pm. We say line your stomach and get ready to dance the night away to The Brass Volcanoes and DJs. Not a pancake in sight. 17th February www.theblueskitchen.com

Collop Monday at Aqua Shard

If pancakes aren’t your thing you can also celebrate Collop Monday. Traditionally preceding Shrove Tuesday, it’s the act of eating cuts of cured meat as they were not be expected to be edible by the time Lent was over. To celebrate aqua shard will be putting their own British twist on this Shrovetide ritual with a special breakfast offering of 63°C steamed egg, crispy bacon, potatoes and potato mousse. Although if you do suddenly have a turn of heart you can get the aqua shard pancake flambéed with cassis, served with maple syrup ice-cream, caramelised pecan nuts and blue berry jam (of which £1 goes to London Bubble Youth charity)  www.aquashard.co.uk

Paul Winch-Furness / Photographer

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