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Take A Chillaxative: The 8 Best Places To Chill The F Out In

As much as we heart London, it’s not half stressful. From the packed tubes to the packed queues of no-reservation restaurants, the 8 million of us (10 if you count daily out of town commuters) are a city of overworked, under slept, strung out messes. But you can find little pockets of solace in the city, we promise. From drop-in meditation centres to sleep pods and sound baths (depending on your level of woo woo tolerance), there are plenty of places to get your head together when it’s all getting too much.

If you’re over being over it, read through our guide for the best places to chill the F out in.


Laughing Therapy

If laugher really is the best medicine get yourself down to one of Gymbox’s locations where you can giggle your way to wellbeing. Through a series of breathing exercise, movement and big old belly laughs, this unusual class is said to boost endorphins and de-stress. Take a friend and hope you get the giggles.

Laughing Therapy is available at Gymbox in Cannon Street, Covent Garden, Ealing, Farringdon, Old Street, Victoria, Westfield London and Westfield Stratford.

Where: Various London locations

Blakes Hotel

The Breathing Room

And breathe… quite literally. It’s long been known that breathing properly and slowly can help you focus and keep anxiety at bay, but in reality, most of us are doing it all wrong. Well, Blake’s Hotel are about to change that with an evening of breathing and (yet again) CBD – there’s just no escaping it.

They’ve teamed up with Breathpod Founder Stuart Sandeman to give guests a 60-minute high-intensity breath work session set to a mind-expanding soundtrack and high vibrational sounds said to encouraging the letting go of negative habits, stresses and anxieties, and embracing a higher state of learning, development, self-awareness, growth and flow.

There’ll also be an introduction to OTO CBD and CBD shot, which sounds like an episode of Line of Duty but we’re told is all about high-end, natural cannabidiol.

The Breathing Room sessions will take place on Friday 17th January (7.30pm-9pm), Friday 24th January (7.30pm-9pm) and Friday 31st January (7.30pm-9pm). Tickets are priced at £35 per person.

Where: Blakes Hotel, 33 Roland Gardens, SW7 3PF

ME London

CBD Soundbath Therapy

Everyone from wellness queens Gwyneth Paltrow and Jasmine Hemsley have waxed lyrical about the benefits of a sound bath. Kim Kardashian even invited friends to one to celebrate the birth of her fourth child – how very Kim Kardashian of her. If you’re yet to jump on the bandwagon or have no idea what we’re on about, sound baths are a full-body, immersive experience that use meditative sounds and vibrations to heal your body, mind and spirit, obviously.

ME London are offering Londoners the chance to take the plunge with an invigorating CBD Sound Bath session on 22nd January. The luxe hotel have teamed up with OTO, who will be serving up CBD-infused cocktails in the Radio Rooftop barn – the Sound Bath session will celebrate the exciting launch.

To ensure all guests come away chill AF, there will also be optimum strength CBD oils and drinks served throughout the night.

The CBD Sound Bath will take place on 22nd January 7:00pm – 8:00pm. Tickets are £12 per person, or complimentary for hotel guests.

Where: ME London, Strand, London WC2R 1HA


The Conservatory

During the winter, London’s damp, grey buildings can send you into a bit of a slump, but there’s a hidden gem that might transport you to a tropical oasis inside the city.

Home to exotic fish and over 1,500 species of tropical plants and trees, the Barbican’s huge conservatory should be on every Londoner’s bucket list. Surrounding yourself with greenery and nature is said to increase positivity and make you feel relaxed and calmer. Plus, just think about the oxygen levels.

Entry is free but check the Barbican website for opening times and days before you visit.

Where: Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS

Re:Mind Studio

Drop In Meditation

London is a city with everything on tap including meditation. If you’re in need of a shotgun mindfulness session head to Re:Mind – a meditation, healing and breath work studio in Central London where each day their team of ‘Expert Calmers’ offer a space and support or Londoners in need of some headspace. Everyone is welcome, from newbies to those looking to deepen their practice.

Sessions available from £22.

Where: Re:Mind, 25A Eccleston Pl, Belgravia, London SW1W 9NF

Inner Space

A clear mind and a calm outlook shouldn’t have a price and Inner Space in Covent Garden and the City are proving that. All of their courses and talks are completely free of charge thanks to voluntary donations and include the likes of Lunchtime Meditation and Relax More, Stress Less.

There’s also a Quiet Room that visitors can drop into for a meditation session or simply a place to chill.

Where: Inner Space, 36 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9AB

Kyoto Garden

Tranquillity in Kensington

The Japanese know how to chill the F out, so much so, that they created a tradition of creating gardens specially designed to bring serenity and calm to busy lives. But you don’t have to fly to Kyoto to reap the benefits. In London’s Holland Park you’ll find the city’s very own Japanese gardens filled with tiered waterfalls and mesmerising koi carp, stone lanterns and maple trees. The park opens daily from 7:30am and closes 30 minutes before dusk so you can get your calm on throughout the day.

Where: Kyoto Garden, Holland Park, Holland Park Ave, Kensington, London W11 4UA

Pop and Rest

Take A Nap In The City

Ever been at your desk and wished you were still in bed? Of course you have. Well, London has a drop-in nap studio you didn’t know about, providing sleepy Londoners a private and peaceful place to get 40 winks.

Book a nap pod in either their Old Street or Holborn location, for as little as 30 minutes or up to 4 hours and get counting sheep. Just remember to set an alarm.

Where: Locations in Old Street and Holborn