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The Handbook

Although the naysayers (your grandmother) will tell you that Veganism is just a hippy fad, it is a foodie trend that has been gaining significant pace in the last few years. So whilst you may be weary of unkempt beards and kabbala bracelets, there’s surely nothing wrong with trying a meal made up entirely of fruit and veg. Check out our list of the top five vegan haunts below…

222 Veggie Vegan


What – One of London’s best vegan restaurants offers way more than just lentils and pulses.

Why – The biggest draw of this quaint spot is its 100% natural food, catering to the often ignored vegan crowd. Championing fresh ingredients, and featuring innovative dishes such as bean and tofu pancakes, 222 Veggie Vegan is sure to align your inner chakras and make you feel all zen and stuff (trust us, we’re experts).

Where – 222 North End Rd, London W14 9NU

 Website –

Things To Try – Order the ‘raw’ spice island pie for your dessert, and check out the all-you-can-eat lunchtime buffet…which we’re not allowed into anymore after getting ‘carried away’ the last time.

Loving Hut



What – A fantastic Vegan restaurant with professional presentation and super affordable food. It’s the ideal venue to  impress your political activist date, but maybe leave the placards at home.

Why – This London eatery gives off a great sense of professionalism, with their fancy décor, a snazzy website and even their own mobile app! They truly channel the modern day mantra of Peace, Love and Smartphone addiction.

Where – 669 Holloway Road, Archway London, UK, N19 5SE.

Website –

Things To Try – Gorge on the crispy veggie chilli beef and make like all the cool celebs by washing your food down with a healthy tipple from the Loving Hut juice bar.

Cookies & Scream


What – This entirely vegan bakery is an awesome find, even if it does sound like the title of a straight-to-DVD horror film.

Why – With a menu including cakes, shakes and ice cream, this is the perfect place to have a ‘cheat day’, without any of the calories (diet dreams do come true).

Where – Cookies and Scream, The Market Hall, Camden Lock Place, London, NW1 8AF.

Website –

Things To Try – Check out the heavenly Chocola donuts, which are not in fact in fact chocolate mixed with coca cola, despite the totes misleading name.

Food For Thought:


What – A meat-free, wheat-free, gluten free, fracking-free, dermatologically tested (ok, the last two are made up) restaurant, takeaway and catering service.

Why – This eatery offers a wide range of vegan goodies and you can even buy their cookbook to replicate the recipes from home! However, if you’re not quite yet Nigella in the kitchen, you can take advantage of the take away service and tell your friends how you slaved away making it, just like that one cheating contestant on Come Dine With Me that everyone hates.

Where – 31 Neal Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9PR.

Website –

Things To Try – Tuck in to the kale and mushroom lasagne and take advantage of the BYOD policy by bringing along a frozen cocktail (you’ve got to keep things classy, obvs).

The Coach and Horses


What – Holding the title of London’s first vegetarian and vegan pub, this pub combines guilt-free food with guilt-full alcohol. You may not remember your night, but I doubt you’ll forget the vegan fish and chips

Why – Serving up plenty of copycat dishes, including the aforementioned vegan fish and chips, this pub is the best option for enjoying the great taste of classic pub food, without the calories! However, we cannot guarantee that they’ll be no hangover.

Where – Norman’s Coach and Horses, 29 Greek Street, London

Website –

Things to Try – Try the ‘pie of the day’ which comes with homemade bread dough and is packed full of vegetables, meaning you’re allowed to treat yourself to a single chocolate finger, or maybe a whole box.

It seems clear that London has plenty of Vegan options to choose from, so why not skip the meat for once and go green!