Calling all the pre-teens, Shoreditch dwellers or cosplayers, unicorns are overrunning the capital. The mythical creatures are everywhere, like urban foxes or those parakeets that you see in the park, just they’re mainly invisible. But when they’re visible, we go nuts, and  Londoners can’t move for unicorn shizz, from vomiting Champagne dispensers through to unicorn designed cakes, the stuff is everywhere. And what started out as ironic seems to have become a serious obsession with Londoners, so here are five of our faves out there right now…

Credit: MissMargo_AR

Duo London - Unicorn Martini

The name’s Bond, James Bond, license to make rainbows. Imagine if the super spy had opted for a Unicorn Martini, shaken not stirred, the films might’ve been very different. The cocktail is made from mango ciroc, Passoa, Grenadine, single cream and it’s topped with sweets, candy floss and whipped cream. Available at Camden’s DUO, we have it on very good authority that the drink is a favourite among the real life unicorn fraternity.

Where: 20 Inverness Street, Camden Town, NW1 7HJ

Konditor - Unicorn Cake

Formerly known as Konditor & Cook, the bakery recently dropped the ‘and Cook’ to be know simply as Konditor, as they stopped making pasties and savoury goods and instead focus on their cakes. Which means that you’re more likely to see a unicorn at Konditor than a sausage roll. Not least because for the princely sum of £53 you can purchase a unicorn birthday cake (presumably it could be refashioned as a Christmas, divorce, funeral cake if you liked).

Where: 22 Cornwall Road, Waterloo, SE1 8TW

Cereal Killers Cafe - Unicorn Poop

What are your thoughts on the Cereal Killer Cafe? Sure, it’s the very pinnacle of gentrification and utterly ridiculous with it, but if you’re willing to spend £10 on a bowl of cereal, there are few places that you head that offer a more pleasant way to get fleeced. Case-in-point: Unicorn Poop. The cereal combines rainbow coloured rings and flakes in a range of fruit flavours, mixed in with glitter and served with freeze-dried marshmallows, which, as we know, is exactly what unicorn faeces tastes like (unless they’ve had a night on the Unicorn Martinis, in which case steer well clear).

Where: 139 Brick Lane, Shoreditch, E1 6SB

Maxwell's - Freakshake

Freaks of nature that they are, unicorns are normally illusive, but they’re alive and well at Maxwell’s in Covent Garden. The posh fast food joint serve up a fantastic range of freakshakes, and of course they’re all over the unicorn theme with their Unicorn Freakshake, strawberry pink and topped with candifloss and sweets.

Where: 34 King Street, Covent Garden, WC2E 8JD

Journey - Champagne Vomit

Working on Unicorn A&E must have its upsides, like the fact that the mythical beasts apparently vomit Champagne. They do at newly opened Journey, at least. The Chelsea bar ensured plenty of media coverage by the simple method of adding a unicorn. Apparently you stroke the unicorn and it pukes up Champagne. Nice.

Where: 459 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LR