Oh the weather outside is frightful… We’re approaching that awkward time of year when it’s no longer summer but Christmas is still months away, more commonly known as Autumn. While we can’t guarantee you’ve saved yourself any beloved annual leave for a quick getaway from these dreary months, Autumn does have its perks. The leaves begin turning to a crisp auburn, fluttering down from the branches, and there’s a faint lingering scent of pumpkin spiced lattes coming from every angle, but hey, that’s the perk of strolling through London’s finest parks.

As the season begins to change, we’ve rounded up seven of our favourite places for an autumnal stroll. Just remember to wrap up warm!

Hyde Park

London is brimming with flamboyant immersive experiences, cultural exhibitions and extravagant restaurants, but you can’t beat a good ol’ stroll in the park. Where better to blow away the cobwebs than London’s very own Central Park! Of course, we’re talking about the glorious Hyde Park, and although its notorious Winter Wonderland is yet to make an appearance, it’s the perfect place to snap up all the Autumnal feels right in the heart of the city.

Website: www.royalparks.org.uk

Epping Forest

The land where two worlds collide… Well, the London and Essex border is pretty evident on the outskirts of the city but hey, when there’s a glorious forest involved, we’re claiming it for our own! Escape the mayhem of the capital and enter the bewildering countryside as you roam through Epping Forest. Stomp your way through the crisp leaves strolling along one of the looping pathways, explore the history and heritage of the age old forest, or relax beside one of the lakes or rivers which run through. Just try not fall on your b-autumn…

Website: www.visiteppingforest.org

Richmond Park

Can you be-leaf there’s deer roaming through the city… Well, not quite but you’ll certainly spot a herd or two when you wander through Richmond Park on a brisk Autumn day. Known for its grassland, wide-open spaces and ancient trees, the park is a National Nature Reserve and supports a range of rare species including fungi, birds, beetles, bats, grasses and wildflowers so visiting during Autumn is the perfect time to see the park’s nature change right before your very eyes.

Website: www.royalparks.org.uk

Hampstead Heath

Ever wondered where The Chronicles of Narnia was inspired? Right here in London my dear! Hampstead Heath to be exact. This spellbinding parkland has sweeping views of the city up on Parliament Hill which come to life even further during the change of season. You might want to skip jumping in the swimming ponds at this time of year but there’s no harm in strolling around them and snapping an Insta or two.

Website: www.hampsteadheath.net

Regent's Canal

*Fall* aboard the canal express! Start your autumnal journey down by Little Venice before wandering up by Regent’s Park where you might hear a lion roar or see a rogue chimp knocking the orange tinged leaves from the trees (after all, it is right next to London Zoo!) Regent’s Canal is simply striking when the leaves begin to fall across the waters edge and it’s well worth the peruse!

Website: www.canalrivertrust.org.uk

Morden Hall Park

Channel your inner Winnie with a game of Poohsticks over in Morden Hall Park. This little green oasis gives us Londoner’s a taste of a country estate without having to fork out on a hefty train fare out into Surrey! Kick through the leaves, stomp your wellies in the puddles and soak up this wonderful autumnal season. Can you think of anything better?

Website: www.nationaltrust.org.uk/morden-hall

Fulham Palace

We’ve been scouting out this one for a while… Fulham Palace is as dreamy as you’d imagine during fall. Imagine 13 acres of rare trees glistening on a brisk Autumnal morning, beautiful walled gardens changing with the wind, and a nice hot cuppa Joe brewing in your hands as you wander around the gardens. Doesn’t sound bad to me!

Website: www.fulhampalace.org