It has been declared that 2019 is the year for all the single ladies. Lelo, guru on all things sexy, has predicted that this year, more than ever, women will be choosing to stay single. Being footloose and fancy free has its blatant perks. Here we take you on a (wolf) whistle stop tour of who’s jumping on this independence bandwagon and how you can join in on all the frivolous fun.

The #singlelife movement has been rapidly propelled forward alongside its #metoo and #dumphim companions, with a host of influencers and celebrities shipping solo-dom. First up is singer Arianne Grande, who has vowed to stay single for the whole of 2019 in the name of self-care. A fan tweeted to ask if she was currently dating and her response was ‘spoiler for the rest of this year/ probably my life : it’s no one’.

If you’re looking for sinspo (#singlelife inspo), check out millennial mastermind and online sensation Chidera Eggerue. Better known by her insta handle Slumflower, she has just published her first book, a diary-zine titled ‘What a Time To Be Alone’. This is the single woman’s bible to living life on solo street, celebrating the joys of being alone, stuffed full of sass, wisdom and charisma (and of course, its own hashtag – #WATTBA).

It’s fair to say that the romantic independence movement is in full swing. If you’re looking for a slice of the cake, here are a few ways you can ace being single:

Get quirky in your free time

Instead of endless hours of chat about your Significant Other’s dodgy dress sense /family issues / <<insert other relationship drivel>>, you can impress friends with the delights of your new-found forté. Think knitting, gin-tasting, sky-diving, or, I would recommend (not just for the abundant nudity) life drawing. The Royal Drawing School in Shoreditch offer a host of different life drawing classes and you know what, YOLO.

Make the most of happy hour

Two for One Cocktails. It’s time to carpe diem the sh*t out of Happy Hour and finally take it at face value. Two cocktails all to yourself, no need to share, no need to make a tactic choice.  Hit up your bougie cocktail bar of choice and get sipping.

Go to the cinema to watch what you want, when you want

Finally you don’t have to endure the whole one hundred and ninety minutes of the latest horror film. Going solo to the cinema is a new experience : no which-film arguments, no awkward displays of affection, no rustles of pop-corn in your left ear. Instead, you can hunker down in a quiet corner, kick back with your own pick and mix / bottle of sauv blanc and enjoy. Check out our list of the best films of 2019 here.

Dinner for one

They say that the one true life-skill to master is the art of dining alone, and 2019’s #singlelife movement may be just the catalyst to culinary independence. Take the plunge and order a meal for one. The key to nailing it is don’t look nervous, simply swan in, plonk yourself at a table and order a large G and T. Musing over a newspaper can look quite erudite, but whatever you do don’t whip out your ipad for company. The project Een Maal in Amsterdam is spearheading the solo meal, with a space designed entirely for solitary eaters. Keep your eyes peeled for Een Maal pop ups in London.

And finally… discover the thrills of the dating scene

The kingdom of singledom doesn’t mean you must remove yourself from the proverbial dating marketplace. Oh no, for those who are single and looking to mingle, this is a real chance to bring out your inner dating diva. Make the move, swipe right and get yourself out there. I suggest you move away from conventional dates, why not try out an escape room such as clueQuest in Kings Cross,  instead of the bog standard (and frankly very dull) drink and a kiss?

Without a doubt, 2019 is the year for single cheer, it’s time to shine and embrace your inner Bridget Jones.