Sixteen years after Kirsten Dunst played Marie Antoinette in Sofia Coppola’s 2006 biopic comes a brand new retelling of France’s last queen before the French Revolution.

Titled Marie Antoinette, this new eight-part series has been created by the BBC and Canal+, following the success of Canal+’s French historical drama Versailles, covering the reign of Louis XVI. This new series will chart his Austrian wife Marie Antoinette’s life before the historic revolution unfolds.

Created and penned by Deborah Davis, renowned for screenwriting 2018’s The Favourite, this series is said to offer a more ‘feminist’ approach to period dramas, according to Variety. 

Starring in the titular role is German actress Emilia Schüle (High Society, The Perfumier) and British actor Louis Cunningham (Bridgerton) as Louis XVI, viewers can expect a more realistic look back at Marie’s life. Having left Austria to marry the Dauphin of France at just 14 years old, it’s not long before she takes the French crown. 

Similar to Coppola’s film, this new depiction will explore the inner workings of royal life and the pressures forced upon Marie in order to reproduce and continue the Bourbon line. Expect epic fashion moments, immaculate interiors and plenty of stunning shots in Versailles. 

Expect other big and up-and-coming names from the screenwriting screen to be joining Deborah, including Louise Ironside (The Split), Avril E. Russell and Chlöe Moss. English TV and film director Pete Travis (City of Tiny Lights) and Belgian film director Geoffrey Enthoven (Halfway) will be directing the series to success.

Just, er, don’t be expecting an iconic 00s soundtrack for this retelling as we expect the BBC/Canal+ series to take on a more serious outlook on her blighted reign.

While the series has aired in France this month, there’s no official UK release date just yet with anticipation for a release later this year. Until then, stream your way through Versailles and the rest of November’s releases.

Marie Antoinette will be released in late 2022

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