From Marmite flavoured Walkers to Marmite infused body wash, the breakfast spread isn’t afraid to stray away from the unusual. For haters of the yeast-based brand, their collaborations are bizarre, unnecessary and banishable. But, if you’re like me and you can’t get enough of the salty, tar-like wonder spread, then you’re about to go absolutely berserk about their latest invention: Marmite houmous. 

Hear me out on this one… 

First of all we need to break down the two components into two separate categories. First up is houmous (or hummus, depending where you believe the chickpea heavy dip originates from). Houmous is the type of dip that goes with near enough anything. I love to lap the tahini rich mixture with everything from carrot sticks to crisps, pita bread to roast potatoes (again, don’t judge me). It’s silky, smooth, creamy and fresh, and packed full of plant based protein and healthy(ish) fats. It’s the type of dish that has wormed its way onto every menu, family buffet and you just need to look inside any of your middle class friends’ (or your own) fridge and you’ll usually find a pot lingering on one of the shelves. 

Every supermarket is stacked with the stuff and it comes in all flavours, sizes and combinations. How different is Marmite houmous to your typical roasted red pepper number?

I’ll admit it, Marmite is on the opposite end of the spectrum to the chickpea dip. It’s thick, salty and I can see why it’s been built on such a contrasting brand on ‘you either love it or you hate it’. But this isn’t the first time Marmite has caused anger amongst haters of the yeasty brand. 

Last year saw Marmite roll out its own mix of Marmite infused peanut butter and fans of the nutty spread were appalled by the decision. Even this February the salty brand teamed up with Lynx to create a body wash that’s infused with the Marmite scent, which might be the weirdest collaboration in existence, and I’ll admit even I’m not sure I can get on board with it. So mixing Marmite with houmous isn’t even that odd if you look back at their peculiar collaborations in the past. 

Marmite’s new product comes after a fan of the breakfast spread sent a photo of them eating the two products on the same slice of toast and Marmite replied to the Tweet with “The Marmite combinations are flooding in. Marmite and hummus anyone? #TuesdayThoughts” so the mix has been on the cards since March at least. 

The combination of the salty mixed with the creamy is going to make for a delicious, slightly umami flavour and I am certainly on board. The pot is available to buy at Tesco and I might even start dipping Twiglets into the Marmite houmous for the ultimate salty experience.

Marmite Houmous will be available to purchase from Tesco

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