Miranda Kerr: Model And Founder Of Kora Organics Shares Her Life In Beauty

By Tamara Corin | 21st July 2023
Miranda Kerr interview

Beautiful, talented and with a successful beauty brand to her name, wellness devotee, Miranda Kerr needs no introduction. Here, she reveals her beauty tips, skincare routines and self-care moments to inspire us. We’re taking notes.

What’s your first beauty memory?

I remember, as a child, watching my grandmother put on her eyeliner which really made her blue eyes pop. I was so mesmerised by her elegance and grace.

How do you switch off from such a busy lifestyle?

It’s busy but I wouldn’t have it any other way: a fun, full and very fulfilling life with my boys and my business. No two days are the same and it’s a juggle, but I love it. The most important thing is to try to have a work/life balance. I try my best to prioritise a little time each day for self-care so that I can recharge. I usually wake up each morning at around 5am which gives me an hour and a half, sometimes two hours (before the kids wake up) to fit in my morning meditation, quick workout, and skincare routine. This helps set me up for the day. I’m usually in bed by 8.30/9pm and put my phone on aeroplane mode to get a good night’s sleep – sleep is my saviour.


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What inspires you when creating Kora Organics products?

I’m inspired by the internal and external benefits of superfoods for the skin. I feel so blessed to work with some of the best chemists in the world. We love researching new and innovative ingredients which are scientifically beneficial for your skin. At the end of the day, I’m inspired by the incredible results our customers are achieving with our products. Before launching a product, we do rigorous studies to prove its efficacy. This is what gets me most excited. That and the fact that we are the leaders in certified organic skincare space.

Tell us about your wellbeing rituals.

For me, it’s about nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. I believe that if we can take time to give back to ourselves, we can give so much more in our lives to others. I view self-care as making time to exercise, spending time with my family and close friends, meditating, eating healthy foods that fuel my body, reading books that uplift me, and doing my skincare rituals morning and night.

Switching off and checking in with yourself goes a long way, especially when you’re a mum. I do the following:

Meditation & Yoga

My favourite thing to do when I wake up is my 15-minute yoga/meditation. It helps me to set my intention for the day, so I start the day with a positive mindset. I’ve been using yoga/meditation as a powerful tool for over 20 years now.


I like to pick a positive affirmation to start my day. I then try to find ways to incorporate this affirmation throughout my day, by thought or by action.


I have crystals placed all over my home. I remember being on holiday as a teenager in Byron Bay and I found a crystal store that had the meanings of all the different crystals and how they can help balance certain aspects of a person’s life. I was immediately drawn to the Rose Quartz crystal, and it’s held a special place in my heart ever since. The soft-pink-coloured gemstone carries a very gentle, soothing energy to encourage self-love, boost self-esteem, and forgiveness.


I’ve used aromatherapy for as long as I can remember. It’s been such an important therapeutic tool in my life. I have diffusers in almost all the rooms in our home and like to mix up the essential oils depending on how we’re all feeling. My current favourite is peppermint essential oil because it’s so energising and uplifting.


I’ve learned to incorporate quick workouts into my busy mom/work life. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming to dedicate a full hour to working out when you’re so busy, which is why I love a short, quick option. You really feel like you are getting great results in 20-minute increments throughout the day. Megan Roup’s The Sculpt Society has some incredible options ranging from 5 to 60 minutes, which makes it easy to choose whatever works for you.

It can feel overwhelming to dedicate a full hour to working out when you’re so busy, which is why I love a short, quick option


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What beauty products do you buy on repeat?

LIPS: I’m a big fan of Kosas lip balm in Pulse. It brings out the natural pink colour of your lips and contains hyaluronic acid, which makes it a super hydrating product. I use it every day!

CONCEALER: I use RMS Un-Cover Up concealer in shade 22. This is my go-to all-natural makeup look as it gives my skin just the right amount of coverage and instantly evens out my complexion. I swear by mixing a drop of my Noni Glow face oil in the pot, using my makeup brush to mix it and then apply it all over my face.

MASCARA: I’ve recently started using this Tower 28 Make Waves mascara and I love it. It’s vegan, it lengthens and holds the curl and doesn’t smudge. It’s very natural looking.

BROWS: I love the Benefit Gimme Brow Gel, it’s so quick and easy to use. I follow my natural shape and brush up to give the brows a natural-looking fullness.

BLUSH: I like pink cheeks so my go-to is the RMS Pressed Blush in Heart.

Where do you shop for unique beauty finds?

When I visit the UK, I love going into the Space NK – I am always so impressed with their selection of beauty products. I also love shopping at Cult Beauty, and Net-A-Porter.

What are your go-to skin saviours?

Obviously, I’m a big advocate of Kora Organics and only ever use my own products. The results speak for themselves. These are some of my faves that I use daily without fail:

· Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum, which contains Kakadu Plum which is the highest source of naturally occurring vitamin C – this product has been a lifesaver for brightening my pigmentation.

· Plant Stem Cell Retinol Alternative Serum, I’ve been using this for about 6 months and I’m loving it. It’s the first to market certified organic retinol alternative product, it’s a milky serum powered by plant-based retinol alternatives (Bakuchiol and Alfalfa Extract), which work together to gently treat and prevent visible signs of ageing with 5x the power of retinol.

· When I feel a bit puffy, I will give myself a gua sha massage with my Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor. It helps stimulate circulation, reduce puffiness, and naturally lift and sculpt my face.

· I use my Noni Glow Sleeping Mask every evening as the last step in my routine before I go to bed; there’s no need to wash it off until the morning as it dries as a translucent veil, locks in the moisture and won’t rub off on your pillow. My skin feels so plump and dewy after using the sleeping mask! It makes such a difference.

What treatments do you book ahead of red-carpet events?

I love having facials that include microdermabrasion, oxygen and microcurrent. Recently I have included radio frequency facials at The Beauty Sandwich in LA. But when I’m travelling, I use my favourite Turmeric 2:1 Brightening and Exfoliating Mask as an at-home/hotel treatment, as a deeply detoxifying leave-on mask. I use it in the shower once every other day as an exfoliant. It instantly brightens, deeply cleanses, and evens skin tone. It’s one of our cult products that everyone is obsessed with (including my husband).

Do you have a signature scent?

My favourite scents are rose, gardenia and sandalwood organic essential oils. I switch between them and Louis Vuitton’s new Pacific Chill – it’s inspired by a detox juice and the revitalising power of the ocean. Genius.

Name the one beauty golden rule you swear by.

Quite simply, wash your face before you go to bed every night.

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