A highlight of the London spring calendar since 1912, the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Garden Show is returning this May with the promise of stunning floral displays, plus a distinguished guest on the menu, Babylonstoren’s Mourvèdre Rosé.  

In Partnership With Babylonstoren

Everyone from the UK’s most prolific celebrities to members of the royal family have been spotted admiring the incredible horticulture on display every year, with London’s best garden designers, florists and horticulture experts putting on a breathtaking show. But amidst the florals, one of the show-stoppers of the Chelsea Garden Show is the official rosé. The signature pour at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show for the fourth consecutive year, Babylonstoren’s Mourvèdre Rosé will return to the gardens this year. Here’s everything to know about it:

Find out more about the Mourvèdre Rosé here: www.babylonstoren.com

1. The perfect summer wine

The ideal drink to mark the arrival of warmer days, this rosé is a sophisticated yet playful pour that makes one dream of al fresco brunches, garden parties and of course, florals. With an ethereal blush and aroma of rose petals and pomegranate, the Mourvèdre Rosé is meant to be lingered over in the company of loved ones and is perfect for leisurely summer sipping. A drink that can take you from a grand occasion celebrating something special to a relaxed afternoon by the pool, this is a rosé that’s meant to be enjoyed just like it was made – unhurriedly, and amidst the best that nature has to offer.

2. A garden in your glass

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show serves as the ideal backdrop to enjoy a glass of Mourvèdre Rosé, because of the shared principles between the brand and the event. “Both the Babylonstoren garden and our Mourvèdre Rosé offer a moment to savour and enjoy the best of nature. Gardens are in our DNA,” says Babylonstoren cellar master Charl Coetzee. With the beauty of nature and craftsmanship central to this partnership, it’s no wonder that this serves as the perfect occasion for this rosé to bloom.

Both the Babylonstoren garden and our Mourvèdre Rosé offer a moment to savour and enjoy the best of nature.

3. Modern technology meets age-old winemaking

Wine production lies at the heart of the farm, with 122 hectares of the estate dedicated to vineyards with thirteen different varieties of grapes. Due to the diversity of the soil and altitudes of the vineyards, the farm is able to produce fruit with subtly different flavours that lend more opportunities to the winemaker for blending. All the wines here are made in state-of-the-art cellars, which incorporate new and old winemaking traditions that result in a variety of wines being produced including chardonnay, chenin blanc, shiraz, mourvèdre, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, malbec and more.

In the cellar, every detail is well taken care of to produce the finest quality of rosé. The mourvèdre berries are de-stemmed before pressing and skin contact is kept to a minimum to ensure only the slightest blush of colour. Finally, the new wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks for three weeks and aged for one month to give you the perfect pour.

4. Origins in one of the oldest Cape Dutch farms   

This exquisite rosé comes from Babylonstoren, one of only two RHS partner gardens in Africa. A working fruit and wine farm in the heart of South Africa’s idyllic Cape Winelands, Babylonstoren is an enchanting estate that is home to a luxury hotel, spa, winery, gardens and farm-to-fork restaurants.

With a five-hectare garden surrounded by streams, farmlands and orchards, the home of the Mourvèdre Rosé is a botanical haven that reflects in the wine’s own fruity, fresh essence.

“Our unique location on the southernmost tip of the African continent means we have one of the earliest rosés to be harvested and bottled in the southern hemisphere,” says Klaas Stoffberg, Babylonstoren’s winemaker.  And the good news? Guests at the Chelsea Garden Show will be the first to taste this vintage wine. 

5. Made for delicious pairings

Here again, the diversity of the wine comes into play. Sip on the lush liquid as you dip strawberries into Chantilly cream or enjoy it alongside a course of venison. It also pairs beautifully with an elegantly plated charcuterie board or a sushi platter, making it the ideal accompaniment to an elevated brunch.

To be one of the first ones to enjoy this exquisite rosé, mark your calendars for London’s favourite flower show.

Explore the vineyards, gardens and the home of Mourvèdre Rosé at www.babylonstoren.com

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