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If you’re a lover of romance films and you’re looking for a new release to sink your teeth into this Valentine’s, you’ll want to check out One Day, a new British romantic drama miniseries based on the book by David Nichols and set to come to Netflix early this weekend.

It stars Ambika Mod (This is Going To Hurt) and Leo Woodall (The White Lotus) as Emma and Dexter, two young students who meet and have a university romance before heading their separate ways- or so they thought, with the show following two decades of their intertwining lives.

What is One Day about?

One Day

You might be familiar with One Day if you read the original novel from 2009, or saw its film adaptation two years later starring Anne Hathaway : two students, Emma and Dexter spend a night together after graduating, but they don’t become a couple, instead remaining friends.

Netflix’s new miniseries version keeps the initial setting of the University of Edinburgh, and the fact that the two meet on 15th July, St Swinthin’s Day, in 1988. This date is key, as the story revisits 15th July in their relationship every year for the next 20 years. They decide to go in different directions in life and hope to remain friends, but through a series of coincidences and opportunities to be together, they repeatedly cross paths. They can’t stop thinking about each other despite their different lives and relationships- but can their friendship last?

Who’s in the cast?

one day netflix

Emma is played by Ambika Mod, who you’ll know from when she played the overworked student doctor Shruti Acharya in BBC One’s This Is Going To Hurt and roles in I Hate Suzie and Trying. Dexter meanwhile is played by Leo Woodall, who appeared in The White Lotus’ second season as Jack and also popped up in the Tom Holland film Cherry.

Eleanor Tomlinson (The Outlaws, Poldark) also has a main role in the series as Sylvie. Joining them are Essie Davis (Game of Thrones), Toby Stephens (Black Sails), Joely Richardson (Red Sparrow), Ella-Rae Smith (Into the Badlands) and Blackadder star Tim McInnerny as Dexter’s father Stephen.

When can I watch it?

One Day is set to arrive on Netflix to stream from Friday 8th February (making it a good Valentine’s watch).

Watch the trailer

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