There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a slippery bowl of fresh tagliatelle or a homemade fusilli with a rich, beefy ragu, but often it’s finding the time to whip up a homemade sauce that’s the problem, especially after a long day WFH. That’s where the trusty pasta subscription box comes in handy, delivering you fresh bundles of pasta, homemade sauces and a little parmesan to grate on top of your warm bowl.

We’ve rounded up our nine favourite fresh pasta subscriptions that you need to try.

Nonna Tonda 

Pasta enthusiasts, get your carby fix courtesy of Nonna Tonda, the pasta delivery service who have been paving the way for the Italian favourite since travelling Italy in 2017. 

Husband and wife duo, James and Rebecca packed up their possessions and undertook an Italian adventure with their six month old son back in 20217, to learn the art of fresh pasta and how to produce traditional restaurant quality pasta each and every time, and they’ve been delivering delicious boxes to the doors of Londoners ever since. Every morning their pasta is freshly prepared by the team before being posted to your door. Each pasta pack includes fresh pasta, homemade sauce and fresh parmesan. Yum.

Greater London, Nationwide soon to be announced

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Longing to get back to Sicily this summer? While this might not be the reality for most of us right now, we can still get an authentic flavour fix right here in the UK thanks to pasta delivery service, Strazzanti. 

Reconnecting with their Sicilian and Neapolitan heritage, Emilia, Sofia and Nina Strazzanti launched ‘Strazzanti’ to bring the UK somewhere they themselves can reconnect with their travels and memories of Italy at home. There are so many options to choose from, from pasta bundles to alfresco recipe parcels, even make at home cake kits for those wanting to level up their next dinner party. 

Lina Stores 

Bringing their delicious deli goods to your doorstep is Lina Stores, the minds behind the pistachio-hued Italian restaurant-cum-deli in London. 

As well as dried goods and household essentials, Lina Stores also offers delicious fresh pasta boxes to order straight to your door. They’ve been making fresh pasta since first opening up their iconic Soho delicatessen in 1944, so you know your dinner is in good hands with these guys. Handbook favourites include the Fresh Veal Ravioli; Fresh Pappardelle; and the Parmigiana di Melanzane, if you’re a lucky London dweller. 


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London delivery or pick-up

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Pophams Bakery

Swap your croissant for fresh pasta – or, just order them both – when you order from Pophams Bakery. 

The famed bakery, with branches in Hackney and Islington, launched a delivery service earlier this year, providing Londoners with sweet treats (if you haven’t tried their apple crumble pastry, make sure you add it to your order), fresh bread, juices and coffees, and fresh pasta, perfect for levelling up date nights during lockdown. And, as we settle into the old-new norm of another lockdown this week, order from Pophams Bakery and revel in a carby fix. 

Choose from fresh tagliatelle or pappardelle, and your sauce of choice. A rich and fiery pork, fennel and chilli ragu or go veggie with a mushroom ragu. 


From a Spicy Pork & Nduja Ragu with Mafalde to a classic Bucatini Cacio e Pepe, you won’t want to miss out on Bancone’s authentic taste of Italy through your letterbox. 

The popular Italian restaurant first launched their handmade pasta kits earlier this year, and have since grown in popularity, delivering some of the city’s best pasta straight to your door. Order in your favourite pasta dish and instantly elevate your next indoor date night.

5 Mile radius around Soho

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La Tua Pasta

From novice to expert, La Tua Pasta will help you become a whizz when it comes to cooking up fresh pasta in the kitchen. Choose from fresh pastas, including a delicious gnocchi filled tomato and mozzarella or level up your date night with one of their supper boxes for two or family selections. Think fresh, hearty and delicious. It’s also great fun unpacking all the boxes and creating the dish as a family. 

Central London orders will arrive in one working day, if ordered before 3pm the prior day. The rest of London and the UK, orders will arrive within 2-3 working days.

Nationwide delivery 

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Pasta Evangelists 

From city billboards to magazine advertisements, delivery maestros Pasta Evangelists have been on one hell of an advertising spree in recent months, and it’s likely you’ve heard every Tom, Dick and Harry talking about how good their pasta bundles are. If you’re yet to try or still need a little convincing, Pasta Evangelists make delivery and cooking easy. 

Each pasta box comes with absolutely everything you need in order to create restaurant-quality pasta at home and in a matter of minutes. They’ve got a bountiful selection of recipe kits to choose from, from Sicily’s Famous Fennel Sausage Sauce with Rigatoni to a vegan ‘Wonky’ Pumpkin and Sage Ravioli with Wild Rocket Sauce number.

Nationwide delivery

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La Mia Mamma

If you’ve noticed the supermarket shelves are looking a little bare and you’re now frantically trying to find anything that slightly resembles cupboard essentials, La Mia Mamma’s Survival Pack is here to help you stock up your cupboards and fill your stomach with wholesome food. 

Inside the whopping great survival kit, expect everything from fresh bread to handmade sauces, mixed charcuterie to aubergine parmigiana, plus 1kg of pasta dough so you can whip up your own fresh pasta at home. Pair the fresh pasta alongside their homemade pasta sauces, from a simple fresh tomato sauce to a beef genovese, and you’ve got yourself a dinner fit for a king.

London delivery. If you live outside London, send your address to [email protected] for a delivery quote

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Pastaio, the affordable pasta restaurant in Soho and Westfield, has teamed up with Joy at Portobello, Steve Parle’s new dining space at Portobello Dock, to bring Londoners fresh, quick and delicious pasta to their doors. 

Choose from fresh green spinach spaghetti and fresh radiatore pasta and top it with their infamous eight-hour beef and porcini bolognese sauce. Alongside the fresh pasta bundles, you can top up on your weekly essentials from fresh deli meats to Sunday roast staples.

5 mile radius from Joy at Portobello or pick-up

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