We love psychological thrillers, and so we’re excited for ITVX’s upcoming miniseries, Playing Nice, which tells the unnerving premise of two children who were swapped at birth without their parents realising.

Set to star Happy Valley‘s James Norton , who recently appeared in the West End in the critically praised A Little Life, Culprits’ Niamh Algar and Flatshare’s Jessica Brown Finlay, the Cornwall-set four-part series will arrive on ITV’s streaming service later this year.

What is Playing Nice about?

It’s a nightmarish, irrational scenario which has probably crossed all our minds at some point: what if, just after being born, two babies were swapped unknowingly by the hospital without anyone noticing? ITV takes this creepy idea and turns it into a thriller that is both gripping and thought-provoking.

Pete (Norton) and partner Maddie (Niamh Algar) have been living happily with their young son. Elsewhere, another couple, Miles (Andor’s James McArdle ) and Lucy (Brown Findlay) live a similar life, also with a son- but all four’s contented existence is shaken when they each discover that their child is not theirs biologically and that the two children were swapped at birth. The four come together as they learn the truth, but there’s a dilemma: they’ve both raised and loved their sons so far, so should they swap back or keep the child that they’ve already become attached to?

Playing Nice

As the two couples agree they need to find a proper solution, both sides begin to suspect there are other agendas at play. Suddenly they’re unsure whether to trust the other family or even themselves as a pair. ITVX’s summary concludes: Pete and Maddie are stretched to breaking point, [and] they realise they will stop at nothing to keep their family together.” All of this action is set against the backdrop of the idyllic Cornish landscape and we can’t wait to see how all the dynamics play out when the series releases.

What else do we know and is there a release date?

ITV has yet to drop a trailer for Playing Nice, but it has given a first glimpse with two teaser images. One shows Norton as Pete holding his son close to him in front of a rough-looking sea on the coast, while the other shows Algar as his partner Maddie also holding a child, but intriguingly, it’s got a hooded outfit on- is it the same child? You’ll have to wait to find out when Playing Nice drops on ITVX later this year.

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