Building A Business? Here’s How To Find Your Dream Office Space

23rd August 2022
Sketch Labs

Has your side-hustle turned into a fully fledged business and you want to take your home office from garage startup to glowing workspace? We may have found you just the trick.

Any business owner will know how hard finding the right office space for their team is, but we’ve found a company who helps do all of the hard work for you. Revolutionising the way we think about office is Sketch Labs, the boutique office rental agency with a creative, stylish twist. 

Set up by founder and CEO Mark Knops, Sketch Labs are disrupting their field, helping businesses to find cool, creative office rental spaces. Long gone are the days of white plastered walls, overcrowded pinboards, grey carpets and dirty microwaves – hallelujah! With Sketch Labs, you can guarantee you’ll find the perfect office space that suits you and your company’s needs. Read on to find out more about what the agency offers…

Sketch Labs Meet The Team

Find your dream creative office

Longing to find that perfect office that incorporates all of your business needs? Whether you’re searching for a creative studio environment, a collaborative workspace or you just want somewhere that’s located in the heart of it all, Sketch Labs will find you the perfect space. 

They’ve garnered a reputation for representing the best workspaces in London, helping landlords and providers to match their creative spaces with like-minded companies. 

Experts in their field, they are armed with all of the insider knowledge about the most in-demand London office areas, from trendy Shoreditch to lively Hammersmith. 

Plus, they offer a human approach. Everything is done in-person rather than with emails and proposals so you can be sure your requirements are being met and provided for. It also helps speed up the process, meaning you’ll be in your beautiful new workspace in no time. 

Sketch Labs, London

Source the best collaborative workspace for your business

If you get inspired by bouncing ideas off one another and thrive in a bustling environment, perhaps a collaborative workspace is the right solution for you. 

It’s a workspace where employees from different companies work under the same roof, and Sketch Labs can help you find your ideal space, no matter your requirements.

Create that perfect pet-friendly space

Have a pet pooch you can’t bear the thought of leaving at home all day? Don’t worry as Sketch Labs can help you find the perfect pet-friendly workspace for you. 

With more and more of us having worked from home due to the pandemic, there was a surge in households across the country buying pets, so it’s no surprise that more landlords are open to offering pet-friendly options. Sketch Labs can help link you with your dream office, pets in tow! Plus, who doesn’t love pet cuddles at lunchtime anyway?

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