There’s something about visiting New York City that makes it extremely easy to romanticise your life. Whether it’s that first drive across the Williamsburg Bridge from JFK, the blinding bright lights of Manhattan, or the first time a yellow cab splashes a wave of water over you (my own very real Bridget-Jones-goes-to-New-York moment), it’s easy to feel like you’re playing the lead in your very own rom com. But when you’re also staying at the coolest hotel in NYC, where the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Tan France and Julia Roberts have been known to hang out? Now that’s main character energy. 

Ahead of my trip to New York, I’d already heard so much about The Beekman Hotel – not just because of its brief mention in Netflix’s Inventing Anna, (being the real hotel fake heiress Anna Sorokin stayed in when she returned from that Morocco trip) – but because it’s made its way to the top of virtually every New York travel guide and luxury hotel list out there. And rightly so. The Beekman’s mix of old-world New York glamour and modern luxury make this a gem of a find, and one of Manhattan’s coolest spots to stay and play in the city. Put it this way – if the Beekman had opened in the Sex and the City era, you can bet Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda would have been first in line. If you want to live the luxury life in one of New York’s coolest, newly revitalised areas, this is the only place to do it.

The Backstory

The Beekman as we know it now is made up of a trio of historical buildings, including the famous Temple Court Building, one of Manhattan’s very first skyscrapers. Completed in 1883, it was built the same year as the Brooklyn Bridge and served as an office block for decades, it remained vacant for 15 years, often being used as the derelict filming location for music videos, until it underwent a multi-million dollar renovation by British architect Martin Brudnizki – the same man behind the likes of Soho House and the Royal Academy of Art. As a hotel guest, the attention to detail in both architecture and design doesn’t go unnoticed.

Prepare for warm, eclectic design, a check-in desk draped in Persian rugs, curio-lined bookcases and pink velvet sofas.


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The Beekman’s most iconic feature: an incredible art-deco style atrium.

On entering the huge lobby area for the first time, it’s evident that a stay at The Beekman is a special kind of luxury. Forget the clean cut lines and cold interiors of most NYC hotels, and prepare for warm, eclectic design, a check-in desk draped in Persian rugs, curio-lined bookcases and pink velvet sofas. But the interiors aren’t even the best part.

The centre of the hotel plays host to The Beekman’s most iconic feature: an incredible art-deco style atrium, straight out of The Great Gatsby, which spans nine floors and overlooks the bar below. Having seen many shots of the famous atrium on Instagram, I couldn’t wait to take a peek for myself, and I can tell you – it’s even more impressive in real life.

Food & Drink

If you thought the interiors were special, The Beekman has really outdone itself with its dining options, too.  Celebrity chef Tom Colicchio oversees the ground level Temple Court restaurant, with it’s incredible five-course tasting menus, as well as the stunning atrium Bar Room. The restaurant and bar can fill up quickly at prime time with locals and Financial District workers – we booked The Bar Room for 6pm on a Monday evening and it was, unsurprisingly, packed – so book in advance, or put your name down and the staff will make sure to prioritise hotel guests.

The vibe is classy and cool. Think plump sofas, fringed table lamps, green leather-topped bar stools and a long glass case stuffed with conversation-starting objet d’art. Surrounded by all these New York city locals, meeting friends on a Monday night had me quickly plotting to move there. Not to quote Frank Sinatra or anything but, I really want to be a part of it. We order four Espresso Martinis between us, setting us back a steep $133 USD (including tip), and you know what? I don’t regret a single second of it.

The Rooms

We stay in a Studio Suite which is spacious, bright, and comes with luxury amenities like a bluetooth radio, art-deco cocktail cart, and freshly baked cookies (which, I won’t lie, would have won me over all on their own). 

A perfect mix of modern and vintage, the rooms are furnished more simply than the lobby and bar areas, but vintage touches make them feel both spacious and warm. Think wooden armoires, black marble desks, velvet furnishing and – I’m not sure if it was the jet lag or not, but – one of the comfiest beds I’ve ever slept in. The bathroom also didn’t disappoint, completely covered in tiles and decked out with marble, double sinks and mirrors, and dimmable lighting.

Studio Suites start from $700 USD a night on average, but surprisingly, you can get standard rooms at The Beekman for the relatively reasonable price of $350 USD a night.

Splash The Cash

If you’re looking for the ultimate VIP luxury – we’re talking secluded grandeur, incredible views, and New York’s most exclusive hidden terrace – look no further than The Beekman’s Penthouse Terrace Rooms. Whilst I didn’t get a glimpse myself (it’s exclusive to guests, after all), I did meet the couple who were staying in the Penthouse and, whilst I loved my own suite, I spent my short elevator ride with them feeling viciously jealous.

Affectionately known as “castles in the sky”, the penthouse includes include a sleeping area under a vaulted ceiling, freestanding bathtub, fireplace and 1,000 square foot private terrace.

The private terrace can also be hired out for weddings and, now that the beautiful imagery of it can’t be erased from my memory, I guess I’m just going to have to get married there, aren’t I?

The Location

“All roads lead to the Financial District” as they say (or, so our tour guide said), which makes this spot the perfect choice for a five-day stay, and The Beekman’s location is one of the main reasons we chose to stay here. Situated downtown, right in between One World Trade Centre, Brooklyn Bridge, Wall Street, and Battery Park Pier for the Statue of Liberty, many of Manhattan’s main attractions are right on your doorstep.

For everything else on our NYC bucket list (Broadway Show, Central Park, Top of The Rock, The High Line), Fulton Street Subway Station is a two-minute walk from the hotel, where the A and C subways will take you right up through central Manhattan, and get you to most Midtown stops in just 15 minutes. 

Unlike anywhere else in New York City, and nothing short of magical.

The Verdict

Whilst it might be rather normal to feel you want to go back to a hotel as soon as you leave it, the desperation I feel to go back to The Beekman has so far shown no signs of subsiding – and I don’t think it ever will. This hotel is what New York life is all about – the New-York-from-the-movies kind of life that we all so desperately seek when we visit. It’s unlike anywhere else in New York City, and nothing short of magical.

Rooms at The Beekman start from $350 USD for a standard room to $4,500 USD for a suite. To check rates and availability visit

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