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The world’s true crime obsession shows no signs of abating in 2024, whether it’s series based on real life events like Baby Reindeer or documentaries like Lover, Stalker, Killer and The Jinx Part 2.

Now a new documentary from Lifetime is set to revisit the case that arguably helped sow the seeds for our modern crime craze with The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, following the story of the woman whose murder led to the OJ Simpson trial. Here’s what to know:

What is The Life and Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson about?

For years, the focus in media and culture has been on OJ Simpson himself, and his role in the events that resulted in his publicised trial and acquittal, which was only renewed in the wake of his death just a few weeks ago. This new documentary however brings the spotlight to Brown Simpson, from her life when she met her future husband to her death and its aftermath. It arrives 30 years after her death in June 1994, and aims not only to shed more light on her life, but also violence against women. The docuseries consists of four parts, and will prominently feature interviews and insight from her three sisters: Dominique, Tanya and Denise Brown. The three will discuss the woman they knew, as opposed to the woman that became known in news coverage and magazine articles.

Nicole first met OJ in the late 70s, before marrying in 1985, and also had a daughter and son together. There were issues that arose throughout their time together, and Simpson recorded in her diary that she was abused by verbally and physically by her husband – something that the docuseries will explore. Then, only nine years after their wedding, she was found murdered in her home in LA, alongside her friend Ron Goldman. The deaths shocked the world, and even more so when OJ was named the prime suspect and sent to trial after a police chase. Much of this of course is recounted, but as the trailer makes clear, the focus is very much on Nicole – “My sister. Our sister,” as one of her three siblings says in the trailer. The trailer is pretty in depth, at just over 4 minutes long, examining her relationship with OJ, as well as the aftermath of her death and what would happen to their children.

When does The Life and Death of Nicole Brown Simpson release?

The docuseries is set to arrive in the US across two nights on 1st and 2nd June, while a UK release date has not yet been announced, but would likely come later this year.

Watch the trailer here

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