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Every now and again the stars align and fashion and function are united in sartorial matrimony. This is one of those moments. Firstly, it’s National Duvet Day (November 29), secondly, it’s going to be the coldest winter since 2012, and thirdly, yes, there’s a thirdly in this union, too, quilted puffas – otherwise known as duvet coats – are back. Let’s just call it Puffy Love.

Heavy Tech Puff Jacket £350 at

Once reserved for adventurers and Après ski, this is now the coat of choice for commuters and parents braving the sidelines of their kid’s sports fixtures all winter long. Although there hasn’t been much of either of late – we’re presuming a new norm will resume – and when you are hot-footing it down the road to catch a train, painstakingly scraping the ice off your windscreen, or standing still on the sidelines of a 90 minute match – wouldn’t you feel infinitely more comfortable swapping the Goose Down duvet – you’re so reluctant to leave the comfort of – for a duvet coat? I think yesss is the answer you’re looking for. 

Although they seem more akin to sleeping bags than actual outerwear, they have been given a fashionable seal of approval from fashion’s big guns – think Prada and hip Danish brand Ganni. That’s enough to convince us that there are duvets worth wearing outside the bedroom.

Of course for performance-wear enthusiasts, brands like Patagonia and North Face have a version  you can swaddle yourself in, too.

Or, if you’re looking for something really high tech and high fashion, try Moncler Grenoble by Sandro Mandrino. They crafted a crazy new super fabric called Dyneema – lighter than nylon and denser than steel – and dressed it up in a shiny nylon laqué characterised by a multicoloured heart and letter print – which looks a little like graffiti, of the 1980s-1990s variety. 

Moncler Grenoble by Sandro Mandrino

Thankfully the high street is just as apt at quilting and insulating and delivered some pretty irresistible versions, too. There’s oversized, there’s ultra long, there’s short and boxy, there’s high shine and there’s big-collared and cocoon-like, but whatever your preference, duvet coats are defined by padding so the puffier the better. Size does actually matter. 

So, although we’re not entirely sure who or what was responsible for their demise way back when – was it around the time Stay-Puft appeared in Ghost Busters? Or was it the Michelin Man jibes that killed it? But whatever the reason, we’ve definitely welcomed them back with open arms. Some trends are better left on the catwalk, but not this one, and not this year. Popping on a puffa is like wearing a hug and we all need more of those.

Thankfully, puffas and duvet coats have once again evolved to a status which is considered sartorially acceptable and while athleisure was our lockdown wardrobe of choice, we’re declaring outleisure our coming out look.

Here, we’ve rounded up our edit of the best puffa jackets to buy now.

Massimo Dutti Check Puffa

This checked oversize version is the epitome of luxe outerwear. The heritage check gives it fashion-appeal while it still hits all the functional notes with its water-repellent exterior, zips, pockets and draw-string hem. Win, win.

Check oversize down puffer jacket, £279 at

This is the perfect inbetweener. Turn to cropped boxy styles if you need a grab-and-go jacket, they will give your look a more casual, sporty feel.

Short Oversized Puffa £65

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