Listen up burger lovers, this Thursday falls on National Burger Day, which means we get to tuck into rich, cheeseburgers to kick off the bank holiday weekend (as if we needed an excuse!). Only this year, we’ve decided to switch things up a little. We’ve rounded up the best restaurants and burger bars to head to for an indulgent veggie burger with all of your usual trimmings and more.

From The Vurger Co.’s incredible spicy, layered buffalo chicken burg to Mac & Wild’s vegan cheesy fondue number, here are nine restaurants offering London’s best veggie and vegan burgers.

Despite being a meaty restaurant, Mac & Wild are serious contenders for offering the best vegan burger in the city.

Mac & Wild

Heading to a Scottish restaurant for National Burger Day when you’re vegan isn’t likely to be the first place that comes to mind, but Mac & Wild isn’t just any old meat serving restaurant. Of course, they’re known city wide for their gluttonous meaty hangover cures but they also boast an incredible vegan burger that isn’t just thrown together but rather has been carefully crafted to replicate Mac & Wild’s iconic filthy feeds. 

On the menu you’ll find the Bloody roots burger. The Macsween veggie haggis patty, packed inside a poppy seed bun, is towered over beetroot ketchup, ripped parsley and dill salad, and a vegan cheesy fondue. Add on a side of chips or if you’re just veggie, their legendary truffled mushroom mac and cheese, and you’ve got yourself a vegan burger combo that’s just as good, if not better, than the real deal. 

65 Great Titchfield Street, Fitzrovia, W1W 7PS

Temple of Seitan 

If you’re missing your local chicken shop fix, head to Temple of Seitan to cure your junk food cravings. These guys are the kings of seitan, the protein-rich meat substitute made from wheat gluten.  

A favourite of the menu is their standard Temple burger. Think chick’n fillet, ranch mayo, bacon, cheese, lettuce and pickles stacked inside a good ol’ bun. Their mac ‘n cheese is also a great side to add onto your meal. 

Or, if you don’t feel daring enough to try their chicken-style seitan burgers, opt for one of their quarter pounders stacked with bacon, burger sauce, veganised American cheese and pickles. It’s just as dirty.

Camden / Hackney

Biff’s Jack Shack

On a mission to serve up London’s filthiest, most indulgent vegan junk food is Biff’s Jack Shack, the revolutionary minds behind the jackfruit movement.

Biff’s boasts several outposts across London but our favourite is their residency inside Brewdog in Hackney. Known more widely for their sticky, chicken-style deep fried jack wingz that come with their own sugarcane ‘bone’, make sure you order in one of their truffle shuffle burgs too. 

The truffle shuffle burger, made with one of their tender crispy fried jackfruit patties, comes loaded with truffled cracked black pepper mayo, smoked flat mushrooms, caramelised onion, rocket, smoked gouda (vegan of course) and red onion. Double it up if you want to leave with a food coma.

33-35 Stoke Newington Road, Hackney N16 8BJ

Oowee Vegan

Having taken over Bristol’s vegan scene with a storm, Oowee arrived in London during lockdown and has already won the hearts of many hardened vegans and meat eaters. 

The menu is mega. Oowee uses Beyond Meat for their big beef quarter pounders offering classic cheese burgers to their tender BBQ smokestack. But for a real chicken burger hit, order in one of their chik’n burgers. Their marmite butter fries are also absolutely delicious for those wanting an extra salty, umami flavour. 

You’ll go wowee over Oowee.

Their marmite butter fries are also absolutely delicious for those wanting an extra salty, umami flavour.

50 Stoke Newington, Dalston N16 7XB

Various Locations

Honest Burger 

At Honest Burger, veggies have options. For a beef-y fix, you’re going to want to dive into their plant burger that comes topped with vegan smoked gouda, Rubies chipotle mayo, mustard, red onion, pickles and lettuce. Level up by adding in a helping of THIS Isn’t Bacon. 

Or go veggie, with their fritter burger. It’s a southern fried courgette and sweetcorn fritter burger with cheddar, chipotle mayo, slaw, red onions and pickles. It’s like having a bhaji in a bun. 

All served alongside a healthy serving of their legendary rosemary salted chips. Yum.

The Vurger Co.

Veganism has boomed over the last few years and we’ve seen every Tom, Dick and Harry join forces to create ‘the’ ultimate chicken substitute but one resto who has managed to out do them all is The Vurger Co.

Where other faux chicken lacks in flavour, texture and substance, The Vurger Co.’s make up for with their layered, juicy chicken burgers. Head to their Canary Wharf or Shoreditch outpost and get your hands on their Buffalo Vurger. The ‘chicken’ patty is slathered in buffalo hot sauce, teamed with house-made baconnaise, vegan cheese slice, gherkins and crispy onions. It’s spicy, but not too spicy, packed full but not too packed full, and just outright delicious.

Where other faux chicken lacks in flavour, texture and substance, The Vurger Co.'s make up for with their layered, juicy chicken burgers.

Pair your burg alongside their red pesto mac n cheese and one of their creamy vegan shakes – the biscoff is divine – and you’ve got yourself a recipe for success.

Canary Wharf / Shoreditch

Bleecker Burger 

If you’re looking for a veggie alternative at your favourite burger joint, head to one of Bleecker’s restaurants for a veggie patty with a difference. 

Forget your reservations about soggy, tasteless vegetable patties and trust us when we say Bleecker does the best vegetable patty for when you don’t want to sink your teeth into a plant-based beef alternative. The symplicity burger consists of a ten-day fermented deep-fried vegetable patty, topped with American cheese, onion, lettuce and house sauce, wedged between your classic sesame seeded bun. 

Stock up on napkins because it’s going to be a messy mouthful.

Bleecker does the best vegetable patty for when you don’t want to sink your teeth into a plant-based beef alternative.

Various Locations

Wulf & Lamb

Get your burger fix courtesy of all-day dining spot Wulf & Lamb. 

The resto is renowned for its wulf burger, their own homemade twist on a spicy veg burger. It’s jam packed with tomato, baby gem pickle, red onion and cashew aioli in a vegan brioche bun, served alongside house sauerkraut and french fries. Delicious. 

Chelsea / Marylebone

Ready Burger

For a gluttonous MacDonald’s style feast, look to Crouch End’s Ready Burger. It’s essentially a vegan style fast food chain that brings to life your burger fantasies at incredible affordable prices, with their burgers starting from just £1.99. 

Enjoy a loaded bacon double cheeseburger alongside some crispy fillets or go big with their giant ready meal, with fries and a soda.

They are offering a range of National Burger Day offerings too, including win a meal every day via their Instagram, which ends today!

Who said vegan dining had to be expensive?

16 Park Road, Crouch End, N8 8TD

Neat Burger

Fancy a free beer? This National Burger Day, Neat Burger are offering out free beers at any of their sites when purchasing a Smash Burger. Available from 26th – 30th August, there’ll also be stickers placed randomly on the bottom of beer cans revealing exciting prizes, including 50% off food and free sides. 

Neat Burger, set up by Lewis Hamilton, puts sustainability first. They work with The Eden Projects closely, and for every product sold, a tree is planted – a pretty timely gesture and allows you to dine into your favourites guilt free.

Various locations

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