Rooms capacities:
Maximum Capacity (60)

Escape the chaos of city life and enter a social haven of comfort and warmth. With rich, dark green walls, elaborate décor and plush banquette seating, Ayllu is a cosy new Peruvian hideaway for those in-the-know.

Built around the traditions of the Ayllu community of the Inca Empire. The Ayllu was a group of families that lived together, worked the land together and shared their belongings and mealtimes, just like a large family. Much like the Incan civilisation, Ayllu is about the coming together of friends and families and taking time to share an experience of great food and innovative cocktails with loved ones.

The menu consists of innovative small plates, designed for the whole table to share. Traditional Peruvian flavours are paired with Japanese influences, bringing fresh and zesty aromas to each dish. Choose from Croquetas de pescados seasoned with white miso paste, chives, red chillies and ginger – served with a punchy chilli mayonnaise and Hamachi Tiradito with green chillies, orange tobiko and daikon– a traditional must try dish that reflects the influences of Japanese immigrants on Peruvian cuisine. Served with a zesty dressing that lightly poaches the delicate Yellowtail, it’s a sure-fire winner!