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The Handbook

Us Brits love any excuse for popping to the local park or into our city gardens to whack out the wicker and pop open a bottle of bubbly. 

You might only be able to enjoy picnics during the summer months, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the cute picnic baskets and crockery sets. Ditch the plastic this year and invest in some adorable picnic pieces, from rainbow picnic blankets to bamboo recycled material sets.

For those looking to reinvent their picnic get-up, here’s a few pieces that’ll be sure to elevate your picnic game.

Picnic Blankets

Let’s be honest, Britain has very few sunny days so you can’t always guarantee that when you perch down for your picnic the grass is going to be dry. That’s where the trusty picnic blanket comes in handy, helping to you keep dry, not to mention they make for a cute picnic get-up too. 

We love this vibrant rainbow inspired picnic cloth from Anthropologie because it’s super lightweight and even comes with pegs so you can pin the blanket securely to the ground. If you’re looking for a traditional picnic throw, The Tartan Blanket Co. has the answers to all of your blanket-themed prayers. Their recycled wool range is sustainable and will see you donning the tartan effortlessly.

Picnic Baskets

A picnic is only complete when there’s a matching picnic basket to go with your new blanket. This willow basket set from Not On The High Street is perfect for those looking to raise their picnic game up with a bottle of wine or two as it has two little wine holders attached. If you’re not into the wicker look, Fortnum’s canvas picnic backpack is a great alternative to the traditional look and comes fully packed with all of your picnicking essentials.


Glass isn’t exactly the easiest material to transport nor is it the most practical, which is why we love The White Company’s range of BPA-free tritan. They look just as good as glass and they’re easily portable, making them perfect for a picnic. 

Marks & Spencer’s also has a great range of picnic glassware. We love their rainbow collection that helps to liven up any picnic layout and are also affordable too. Winner.

Picnic Crockery

Again bringing out the posh crockery that’s been handed down to you from generation to generation isn’t ideal and we want to ditch the plastic plate sets as much as possible. Nowadays there’s a whole host of lightweight picnic offerings, including bamboo mix material sets. They’re both sustainable and take up minimal space, perfect for when you’re trying to cram in as much food into your picnic basket as possible… 

Another great alternative is melamine plates. This set from Etsy is adorable and will help add a burst of colour to your day.

Don’t forget to ditch the plastic cutlery too. There’s loads of adorable bamboo style reusable cutlery to rummage through on Etsy and you’ll be helping out smaller businesses in the process too.