One thing’s for sure, you don’t want to offend the Norwegians. Scandinavians are tough, they have polar bears, live in darkness half the year and know the meaning of cold shoulder. Which, it would seem, the UK was just given as the annual Norwegian Christmas tree was unveiled in Trafalgar Square.

An annual gift from the people of Norway since 1947, the sixty-foot tree is a symbolic token of the country’s gratitude to Britain for its help in the Second World War. But this year’s sixty-year-old tree has arrived looking a little… dishevelled. And boy did the internet notice…

A picture of the forlorn fir was posted by Dan Barker and his followers were quick to poke fun.

Referencing post-pandemic and Brexit shortages, one Twitter user asked “Has it been sat in a lorry waiting for customs for weeks?”, while another quipped “Have we gone to war with Norway?”

Have we gone to war with Norway?

Another wondered if this was punishment for the recent sacking of Manchester United’s Norwegian manager, saying ““Norway has not taken the sacking of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer well”.

Elsewhere former Theresa May advisor Jimmy McLoughlin asked the question on everyone’s lips ‘who has upset Norway?’

Are we at war with Norway now?

Meanwhile Sunday Times journalist Hannah Al-Othman asked ‘Are we at war with Norway now?’

Perhaps they should have paid the extra for a none drop?

The comments came thick-and-fast, with observations like “Interflora clearly forgot to include the little sachet of plant feed” and “Perhaps they should have paid the extra for a none drop?”

And then who should get involved but… the tree itself (plot twist!).

“Over 100 comments about ME” and tagging itself #HatersGonnaHate proving that, for a tree, it’s got a pretty good sense of humour.

Over 100 comments about ME...

The account is looked after by Westminster Council, who have presumably undergone a quite literal crash course this year as a result of their now infamous ‘Marble Arch Mound’.

The tree went on point out to its 3,000 followers that it can be seen in its finished glory at the official lighting this evening, Friday 2nd December, at 6pm.

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