Closes 11th July 2024

Welcome to the world of Joonbyrd. Forging a new category of Affective Wellness™, Joonbyrd was founded by leading dermatologist, Dr Alexis Granite, to answer a need for beauty, wellbeing and lifestyle products that are as emotionally intelligent as they are efficacious. Our debut body care range has been developed with science, yet designed for joy. Intended to invite restorative rituals, forge mind-body connections and transform bathrooms into sanctified spaces.

The Handbook has teamed up with Joonbyrd to offer one lucky reader Joonbyrd’s body collection & an exclusive consultation with Dr Alexis Granite, who is currently closed to new clients and has a 6-month waitlist for existing clients. The exclusive Joonbyrd PR chest is worth over £500 and features a range of products that are each packed with hardworking actives, microbiome support, botanical extracts and functional enhancer ingredients. 

VALUE: Products worth over £500 + Consultation usually starting at £300. 

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