17 Influencers & Celebs Using Their Social Influence For The Better During COVID-19

The online presence of influencers and celebrities has changed so much in less than a year. We’d grown used to seeing travel influencers strolling sandy beaches in nothing but their bikini, get ready with me videos showcasing the latest fashion must-haves and influencers partnering with every brand under the sun. Flash forward to now and things have changed considerably.

Right now, we’re seeing influencers and celebrities branching out and using their social influence for the better amidst the coronavirus crisis. From influencers opening up about their personal experiences with the COVID-19 virus to Olivia Bowen donating 100% profits of her new range to charity, here’s 10 influencers and celebs using their social influence for the better.

Anna Whitehouse (Mother Pukka)

Parenthood is never easy. While it is of course fulfilling and amazing, it’s also on-going, hard work and tiresome. Founder of Mother Pukka, Anna Whitehouse created a survey dedicated to parents and carers, giving them a space to share their current situations and challenges right now. Within 24 hours, 39,318 people responded expressing how overwhelmed and hard work it is to be a parent right now. 

Anna is now calling on the UK government and Boris Johnson to give parents and carers an alternative right now. “We need help. From employers, from @borisjohnsonuk. What we’ve – big shout out to teachers who are simply doing what they’re told – been tasked with is, well, an impossible task. We’re sinking. It’s not humanly possible to be an employee, a parent, a teacher, an IT technician, a cook, a cleaner, a nurse, a finder-of-favourite-spoon and an answerer of every question (“Mummy which is faster, fire or dust?”) in 12 hours.”

Marcus Rashford 

More widely known for his footballing career, Marcus Rashford earlier in the summer wrote an open letter to the UK government calling on them to provide free school lunches for those children in need and to end UK child poverty. With so many parents out of work due to COVID-19 redundancies and furlough, so many are struggling financially right now, and Rashford’s voice acted as a catalyst for the UK government to do something. Helping to push this forward quicker, the UK government did then agree to providing free school meals during the holiday periods.

Rashford’s voice acted as a catalyst for the UK government to do something.

Tom Kerridge 

Back during lockdown 1.0, celebrity chef Tom Kerridge tweeted out to Prime Minister Boris Johnson ‘WTAF do we do now????@BorisJohnson’. It was in reply to the closure of pubs, restaurants, bars and hotels up and down the country as the UK was thrusted in lockdown for the first time. 

With a national lockdown now in place for the third time this year, the government has begun providing a small amount of financial support for the hospitality industry but for many it won’t be enough. But back at the beginning of lockdown 1.0, Kerridge’s voice acted as a catalyst to push the government into providing some kind of support. 

Lily Pebbles 

Every month lifestyle content creator and YouTuber, Lily Pebbles picks a charity to learn more about what they do and donate to. It’s something her and her husband have been doing for over a year now and are continuing to do so in 2021. By sharing it with her social following each month, she hopes that her followers will also donate or share the charity’s messages with others.

By sharing it with her social following each month, she hopes that her followers will also donate or share the charity’s messages with others.

Katie Sands

Back during March,  Katie Sands aka Honestly Katie pivoted her content and gave it a new lease of life through encouraging and thought-provoking messages in why she is staying at home during this pandemic crisis, and why others should follow suit. Being a Make A Wish board member, Katie recently opened up and thanked all of those in the healthcare profession, the supermarket workers, shipping workings and other key workers, and asked others to help spread the deeper message to their followers too.

Like many, Katie is changing her content to adapt to the current circumstances.

Daniel Dae Kim

You might know him more widely for playing in The Good Doctor or the old school American drama Lost, but back in March, American actor Daniel Dae Kim opened up about his own personal experience with the virus and retells his personal experience about going through the virus with medical help. 

He also comments why he hasn’t spoken out over the racist remarks and actions against the Asian community and makes a point to mention that “though we keep doing our best to demonize each other, the #coronavirus doesn’t care what race, gender, religion or sexuality we are. Ironically, it knows better than we do a lesson I wish we could all learn, once and for all: that we are all human. We are all one.”

Laura Benanti

We’ve all had things cancelled and indefinitely postponed since the outbreak of COVID19, but renowned broadway actress Laura Benanti helped to shed some light on the effects the virus may be having on young people’s mental health. Back at the beginning of the pandemic, in a short 45 second video, Benanti asked high school students to share a video of themselves singing, practising or auditioning as she wants to be the audience for their performance that got cancelled. It’s a really sweet gesture, and will hopefully help those who’ve worked so hard get the recognition they deserve.

In a short 45 second video, Benanti asks high school students to share a video of themselves singing, practicing or auditioning as she wants to be the audience for their performance that got cancelled.


During lockdown 1.0, queen of body positivity and pop sensation, Lizzo started posting 30-minute meditation sessions on her Instagram in the hope that her followers too will embrace their responsibility to social distance and promote positive thoughts and feelings during this global crisis. If you thought she could only belt catchy pop tracks, you were oh so wrong. Look back now and have a listen. 

Lizzo started posting 30 minute meditation sessions on her Instagram to help you destress and stay calm during these challenging times.


Children across the globe are having to miss out on their school education because of COVID19, and many school children, approximately 30 million in the US alone, rely on school for food. In response to the global school closures, actors Jennifer Garner and Amy Adams have teamed up with Save The Children and No Kid Hungry to create #SAVEWITHSTORIES, a platform on Instagram and Facebook where children will be able to tune in to listen and learn as their favourite celebrities tell their favourite stories. There’s some humorous segments, others are educational and there’s definitely some fun to be had, and your small donation to these two charities will help combat the crisis faced by children during this pandemic.

Olivia Bowen

Last year, former Love Island star Olivia Bowen launched a brand new clothing range with In The Style, and has decided to donate 100% of the profits from the sales straight to Age UK, the charity that’s dedicated to supporting the elderly across the UK, in light of the current global crisis.

Olivia Bowen is donating 100% of the profits from her In The Style range to Age UK.

Josh Gad

Running out of steam with how to entertain your kids? Or, simply just need a calming breather away from the chaos going on in the world? American actor and comedian Josh Gad is another actor began live-streaming himself reading his favourite children’s novels during this moment of self-isolation. The comic actor will help cast your mind away from the strange goings-on in the world right now and will help add a smile or a laugh into your day with his jokey retellings.

Kylie Jenner

Love her or loathe her, the world’s youngest self-made billionaire Kylie Jenner is doing her bit during the Coronavirus crisis and has donated $1 million to help fund protective gear for doctors on the frontline. Jenner’s doctor Dr. Thaïs Aliabadi has said the donation will help towards funding hundreds of thousands of masks, face shields, and other protective gear which can be delivered directly to those helping fight the global virus.

The $1 million donation will go towards thousands of masks, face shields and other protective gear to those fighting on the frontline.

Melanie Murphy

Back the beginning of the pandemic, online content creator Melanie Murphy launched a huge international giveaway to help raise donations for the Coronavirus Trauma Centre at Beaumont Hospital in Ireland. She partnered with the Beaumont Heroes Appeal in the hope that her online community can help raise as many funds as possible to give back to the medical staff fighting and risking their lives on the frontline, whether it’s a warming coffee or a nourishing lunch to boost them through their shifts. All she’s asking is for her community to donate €10 using the link on her Instagram, comment ‘donated’ and tag a friend, and they’ll be in with the chance of winning a €500 ASOS voucher.

Melanie's partnered with the Beaumont Heroes Appeal in the hope that her online community can help raise as much funds as possible to give back to the medical staff fighting and risking their lives on the frontline.

Matt Lucas, Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory

During March, these three have teamed up with healthy fast-food chain LEON to help deliver nourishing meals to those working on the frontline during this COVID-19 crisis.

FeedNHS delivered 5,600 tasty meals to those working in the critical care departments at five of London’s leading hospitals. Lucas has even re-recorded his famous comic song to emphasis the lyrics ‘Thank You Baked Potato’, and all proceeds will go towards the FeedNHS initiative.

Professor Green and Gizzi Erskine

If you’re missing fast food as much as Professor Green and Gizzi Erskine, you’ll love their new mock Monday Night Fakeaway. These two have joined up to bring their Instagram followers a chuckle during these crazy times by recreating their favourite takeaway creations.

A personal favourite has to be their Big Mac alternative that you too can make at home. If you dare to recreate it that is…

Ricky Gervais

Animal rights activist and comic actor Ricky Gervais has been seen teaming up with RSPCA in support of their emergency appeal to help save animals during the Coronavirus pandemic. Ricky is urging his fans and followers to donate whatever they can to help combat the crisis and its effect on animals.

Ricky Martin

Helping those on the medical frontline in the US and beyond, Ricky Martin is working in partnership with Project Hope and CharityStars on their #HelpFromHome campaign. He’s urging his followers to also go above and beyond by backing these organisations and help combat this global pandemic.





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