On The Rise: 18 Of The Best Up & Coming Influencers Of 2021

From micro to macro, the influencer industry has boomed at an exponential rate over the past few years, and it’s fair to say that this trend is only going to continue growing. Here are our tips on how to contact celebrities and influencers.

Based on a Mediakix report, it’s expected that influencer marketing will be worth around $15billion by 2022, and it’s no secret. Our social media platforms, from Instagram through to TikTok, are dominated by celebrities and influencers sharing their lives with us, with many reaching out and doing their bit amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Our scrolling hours are flooded with brand partnerships, gifted products and viral videos of dance challenges. With the rise set to continue throughout 2021, we’ve rounded up the top 13 influencers to watch grow in 2021.

Zeena Shah aka @heartzeena

Art director by day, content creator by night, Zeena Shah has been painting our Instagram’s rainbow throughout 2020 and with 2021 still looking far from normal, we’re welcoming the continuation of technicoloured fun with open arms. Boasting around 60k followers on her Instagram account and almost 20k on her interiors account, @heartzeenahome, it’s clear to see we’re not the only ones absorbed by her bright grid and even brighter personality. 

Throughout Lockdown 1.0, Zeena kicked started the hashtag #instarainbowchallenge, inviting her followers to join her in painting Instagram and their personal lives with bright colours resembling a rainbow. Scroll through and get inspired.

Joe Wicks aka @thebodycoach

Joe Wicks single handedly helped the nation keep fit throughout 2020 while the schools, colleges and gyms were closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic thanks to his daily P.E lessons and his following soon boomed as a result. 

Now boasting 4million followers on Instagram alone and a further 2.7million subscribers on his YouTube channel, it’s fair to say that Joe is on a mission to spread joy through fitness wherever he goes. He recently did a huge partnership with delivery service Gousto to bring healthy recipes to your door more easily, and we imagine this partnership will be the beginning of many more for Joe in 2021.

Addison Rae aka @addisonraee

Named the highest-earning TikTok personality by Forbes in 2020, it’s clear Addison Rae’s TikTok personality is here to stay. Her page boasts a mix of short comedy skits, dance challenges and everything else you can think of. 

Now boasting 75.2million followers on TikTok and 4.8billion likes, it’s clear that TikTok has a huge marketing power too, which may be helpful for brands who are looking to work with influencers and celebrities and/or gifting their products to them to be featured in videos and photos. 

Tasha Green aka @tashaggreen

For fashion and lifestyle inspiration, head over to Tasha Green’s Instagram platform. With over 55k followers on Instagram alone and 150k subscribers on YouTube, Tasha regularly partners with food and drinks brands, as well as fashion brands including Napapijri and VeryUK. Regularly chatty on her YouTube videos and Insta stories, Tasha is very open and honest about her life and shares a lot of fashion and vlog content too, perfect for brands wanting to give gifts and work on a partnership basis. 

Follow along for fashion inspiration and outfit ideas, and the best Instagram spots to shoot at in and around London.

Miquela Sousa aka @miquela 

For the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge increase in CGI influencers and in 2021 their influence is only set to rise. Regularly posting everyday content from brand partnerships to ‘outings’ with her friends, Miquela is an influencer designed and created by Trevor McFedries and Sara DeCou. 

Since joining Instagram in 2016, Miquela now boasts almost 3million followers and regularly does brand partnerships with Samsung Mobile and Calvin Klein. Follow along to see this new age of social media influencers grow.

Lubalin aka @lubalin_vibe_emporium

@lubalin_vibe_emporium’s TikTok videos are a prime example of how big the social networking platform is and its huge influence. Seven days after their TikTok went viral, Lubalin’s following grew exponentially, and now boasts 508k followers on Instagram after previously only obtaining 400 followers. 

Known for the Facebook skits and having already starred on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, follow to laugh and see where Lubalin’s music ends up this 2021. 

Joel Moore aka @moorehisstyle

Fashion and lifestyle blogger Joel Moore aka @moorehisstyle is on a mission to ‘blur the lines between menswear and womenswear’. The New York based blogger regularly posts Instagram photos of him styling new fashion pieces, working with some of the biggest and best brands in the business. 

Joel also works a lot with alcohol and foodie brands, including an ongoing partnership with Apothic Wine throughout 2020. Follow for outfit inspo and chatty Insta stories.

Carly Rowena 

With over 165k followers on Instagram and 422k subscribers on YouTube, Carly Rowena is a fitness and lifestyle content creator who uses her social influence to create a positive and safe space for individuals to come together and workout in. Mixed amongst family photos and a few brand partnerships, her platform is wholesome, fresh and she constantly reminds her audience that it’s okay to not be perfect today, tomorrow or any day.

Jack Morris aka @doyoutravel

Travel influencer and content creator, Jack Morris has crafted a brand around the things he loves: travel and film. Boasting 2.6million followers on Instagram, follow him for travel inspiration while we’re all stuck inside lusting over our next vacation, whenever that may be. 

He regularly works with tech brands, as well as boasting his own clothing line ALŌR and photo editing presets @doyoutravelpresets too that you can buy to create your own Insta worthy profile.

Drea Okeke aka @dreaknowsbest

Another TikTok famous influencer rising up the ranks is Drea Okeke aka @dreaknowsbest. The influencer is known best for her mix of comedy, lifestyle and culture led viral videos, notably for her 2020 Eulogy which racked up a hefty 5.6million views in the space of a few days. 

Follow her for some light laughter and to find out all about the TikTok trends surfacing the internet right now. 

Her Instagram account is definitely one to watch grow too, with already 146k follows and soon to be more.


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Janea Brown aka @jnaydaily

Content creator Janea Brown is certainly one to follow for dreamy minimalist interiors and cute outfit inspiration. Now boasting over 190k followers on Instagram, Janea uses her platform to encourage positivity through vibrant posts, ‘behind the scenes’ Insta stories and chatty YouTube videos.

Regularly partnering with brands and businesses, Janea is always really transparent about who she works with and the reasons why.

Daren aka @darendarendaren

With a hefty 215k followers and 3.5million likes on TikTok alone, @darendarendaren is sure to be one to look out for in 2021. Already gaining views at a considerable rate, it was his ‘Day X of being a new yorker’ series that really shot his views through the roof, with Day 1 receiving over 3million alone. 

A musician and creative as well, it’ll be exciting to see where 2021 takes him and his rapidly growing following.

Paulina Nienartowicz aka @artrawpaulina

With veganism on the rise, we’re expecting vegan influencers to gain traction this 2021 in both audience engagement, growth in following and with brands reaching out to work with them. One content creator, vegan chef and author to look out for is Paulina Nienartowicz aka @artrawpaulina

Her grid is beautifully curated with stunning recipes and foodie inspiration to fall in love with, from traybakes through to brunch bites, one pot wonders to desserts. Expect lots more of in 2021.

Louise Roe aka @louiseroe

TV presenter, author and interiors and fashion sensation, Louise Roe knows a thing or two about growing a following, what with her personal account boasting over 650k followers and her home renovation account raking in over 105k followers.  

Louise shares every aspect of her life and career with her audience, from her fashion staples through to her journey into motherhood. Follow along for adorable family snaps, fashion and beauty inspo and general insight into her life as a star.

Poppy O’Toole aka @poppy_cooks

If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling the depths of #foodtok, you’ll have been one of Poppy’s videos pop up along the way, and rightly so, the Michelin-trained chef is making waves on the popular social media platform, boasting a staggering 1.5million followers and over 19million likes. 

Follow Poppy for posh food made simple. She creates easy to follow recipes, from the best confit garlic potatoes through to simple midweek dinners like salmon harissa traybakes. You’ll also find her sharing her culinary wisdom too, helping you become a pro at stuffing your chicken, peeling veg the proper way and how to brown your butter. She’s also got a book coming out too!

Abby Govindan aka @abbygovindan

You might recognise the name from her hilarious Emily in Paris scandal in which she managed to convince fans, media outlets and everyone in between that she was the real creator of Netflix’s heavily mocked series. 

Comedian by trade, Abby Govindan is certainly one to look out for as a rising name in the comedy industry. Boasting a huge 153k followers on Twitter, follow along for great stories and a whole lot of chaos. 

Howey aka @howeydon

A rising name in the mens fashion world, Howey is a man of many talents. Born in Nigeria, he grew up in London and currently lives in Scotland, spreading a little love for the rainy country. 

Find Howey working with everyone from the Scottish Government to help the importance of getting vaccinated through to fashion brands, and even Sonos.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard aka @jessicaoutofthecloset

YouTuber and content creator Jessica Kellgren-Fozard uses her channel to raise awareness for disabilities and shares her life living with disabilities and chronic illnesses. 

Boasting over 870k subscribers on YouTube and a staggering 325k followers on Instagram, Jessica is also a huge advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and promotes positivity on all of her platforms.

Follow along Jessica on her journey and pick up a few vintage fashion influences along the way.

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